5-9-15. Report of installment sale to Governor--Preparation, filing and delivery of contract--Copy of abstract to county auditor.

The commissioner of school and public lands shall, on receipt of a report that a tract has been sold, if the land is to be paid for in installments, prepare a contract of sale for such tract in duplicate, according to a form which the commissioner shall prescribe, and shall submit the same to the Governor for approval. Should the Governor approve the sale, the Governor shall certify such approval and the commissioner shall execute the same. The approval of the Governor and one copy of such contract shall be filed in the office of the commissioner, and the other copy of the contract shall be forwarded to the purchaser after the expiration of sixty days from the date of sale and a copy of the final abstract of sale shall be forwarded to the county auditor for use as noted in § 5-9-28.

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