5-9-1    Selection of school and endowment lands to be sold--Amount sold each year.

5-9-2    5-9-2. Repealed by SL 1980, ch 43.

5-9-3    Board of Appraisal--Selection of tracts for sale--Subdivision of lands of special value.

5-9-4    Designation and appraisal of separate tracts for sale--Reappraisal of unsold land.

5-9-5    Offer to purchase particular tract--Forfeiture or return of payment.

5-9-6    Publication of notice of land sale--Selection and appraisal to be concurrent.

5-9-7    Certification and publication of description and appraised price of land offered.

5-9-8    Commissioner to conduct sales.

5-9-9    Time and place of sale--Minimum price--Adjournment of sale--Record of sales.

5-9-10    Terms of installment sale--Interest--Prepayment option.

5-9-11    Notice to lessee of sale.

5-9-12    Successful bidder's deposit with commissioner.

5-9-13    Time of vesting of right or title after sale.

5-9-14    Report of cash sale to Governor--Preparation and delivery of patent--Recordation--Fee.

5-9-15    Report of installment sale to Governor--Preparation, filing and delivery of contract--Copy of abstract to county auditor.

5-9-16    Assignment or conveyance under installment contract--Approval required--Form--Filing fee.

5-9-17    Return of purchaser's deposit on governor's disapproval of sale.

5-9-18    5-9-18 to 5-9-22. Repealed by SL 1980, ch 45, §§ 1 to 5.

5-9-23    Forfeiture of installment contract for delinquency or violation--Retention of purchase money and improvements as liquidated damages--Immediate right to reentry and possession.

5-9-24    Procedure for forfeiture of installment contract--Service of notice.

5-9-25    Recording of notice of default--Prima facie evidence.

5-9-26    Reinstatement of contract on compliance by purchaser with conditions of notice.

5-9-27    Action at law to set aside installment contract in default.

5-9-28    Taxability of land sold--Notice to county auditor of disapproval of sale.

5-9-29    Tax purchaser's rights under installment contract--Payment of delinquent installments.

5-9-30    Special contract of sale given to tax purchaser after issuance of tax deed.

5-9-31    Notice to original purchaser of tax purchaser's intent to apply for special contract--Service of notice.

5-9-32    Issuance of patent to purchaser or assignee of land--Judicial determination in event of death--Recordation--Fee.

5-9-33    Issuance to bankrupt of patent to land set aside as homestead.

5-9-34    Sale for public purposes of tract not exceeding one hundred sixty acres.

5-9-35    Conveyance of tract not exceeding one hundred sixty acres--Reversion to state.

5-9-36    Sale of improvements on school and public lands authorized.

5-9-37    Appraisal and minimum price of improvements offered for sale--Disapproval of sale.

5-9-38    Publication of notice of sale of improvements--Private sales of small value.

5-9-39    Conservation easement for certain state land conveyed to another party.