51A-1-1    Applicability of provisions--Retention of capital structure by banks.

51A-1-2    Definition of terms.

51A-1-3    Adverse claims against bank deposits, contents of safe deposit box or property in safekeeping.

51A-1-4    Disqualification of officer, employee or director for violation--Civil liability.

51A-1-5    Failure to obey director's orders--Civil liability.

51A-1-6    Procedure to recover fine.

51A-1-7    Injunction against violation.

51A-1-8    Liability of bank as insurer or as guarantor or endorser of security instrument prohibited.

51A-1-9    Concealment of bank transactions as misdemeanor.

51A-1-10    False entries--Obstruction of examination--Felonies.

51A-1-11    False filing as misdemeanor.

51A-1-12    Payment or indemnification of person for fine, penalty or judgment unlawful--Civil liability--Exceptions--Action to recover payments.

51A-1-13    Misappropriation of funds or information by officer, director, or employee as felony.

51A-1-14    Receipt, possession, or sale of misappropriated funds or information as felony.

51A-1-15    Acknowledgments by officers or employees of banks validated.

51A-1-16    Severability of provisions.

51A-1-17    No duty to disclose information about customers--Exceptions.

51A-1-18    Agreements or compacts with other jurisdictions--Administration--Filing--Availability.

51A-1-19    Central bank digital currency--Public transaction prohibited.

51A-1-20    Central bank digital currency--Private transaction--Alternative required.