51A-12-1    Application to bank loans.

51A-12-2    Loan or credit limitation.

51A-12-2.1    Application for exception to agricultural loan or credit limitation.

51A-12-2.2    Expiration of exception--New exception request.

51A-12-2.3    Loan defined.

51A-12-2.4    Derivative transaction defined.

51A-12-3    51A-12-3. Repealed by SL 1993, ch 351, § 1.

51A-12-4    Loan to customer used for partnership or corporation.

51A-12-5    Discounting not considered as money borrowed for purposes of loan limitation.

51A-12-6    Maximum amount of loans by bank to its executive officers, directors, and certain shareholders.

51A-12-7    51A-12-7. Repealed by SL 1994, ch 365, § 2.

51A-12-8    Liability of officers and directors for excessive loans.

51A-12-9    Nonrisk and government guaranteed loans not included in loan limits.

51A-12-10    Sale of surplus federal reserve funds and excess bank funds not loan.

51A-12-11    Mortgage on real estate.

51A-12-12    Revolving credit authorized.

51A-12-13    Collection of certain credit service charges by bank.

51A-12-14    Right of offset on loans.

51A-12-15    Compounding interest and service fees.

51A-12-16    Security interests authorized.

51A-12-17    Maintenance of deposit as condition for loan.