51A-17-51. Multistate supervisory processes participation.

The director may participate in multistate supervisory processes established between states and coordinated through the Conference of State Bank Supervisors, Money Transmitter Regulators Association, and affiliates and successors thereof for all licensees in this state and other states. As a participant in multistate supervision, the director may:

(1)    Cooperate, coordinate, and share information with other states and federal regulators pursuant to § 51A-17-30;

(2)    Enter into written cooperation, coordination, or information-sharing contracts or agreements with organizations comprised of state or federal governmental agencies; and

(3)    Cooperate, coordinate, and share information with organizations comprised of state or federal governmental agencies, provided that the organizations agree in writing to maintain the confidentiality and security of the shared information pursuant to § 51A-17-30.

The director may not waive, and nothing in this section constitutes a waiver of, the director's authority to conduct an examination, investigation, or otherwise take independent action authorized by this chapter, rule adopted under this chapter, or order issued under this chapter to enforce compliance with applicable state or federal law. A joint examination or investigation, or acceptance of an examination or investigation report, does not constitute a waiver of an examination assessment provided for in this chapter.

Source: SL 2022, ch 178, § 10.