51A-17-62. Individual controlling a licensee or applicant--Information required.

Any individual in control of a licensee or applicant or any individual that seeks to acquire control of a licensee, or each key individual must furnish to the director through NMLS the following items:

(1)    The individual's fingerprints for submission to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the director for purposes of a national criminal history background check, unless the person currently resides outside of the United States and has resided outside of the United States for the last ten years; and

(2)    Personal history and experience in a form and in a medium prescribed by the director to obtain the following:

(a)    An independent credit report from a consumer reporting agency unless the individual does not have a Social Security number, in which case, this requirement shall be waived;

(b)    Information related to any criminal convictions or pending charges; and

(c)    Information related to any regulatory or administrative action and any civil litigation involving claims of fraud, misrepresentation, conversion, mismanagement of funds, breach of fiduciary duty, or breach of contract.

Source: SL 2024, ch 196, § 11.