51A-17-96. Receipt for money received for transmission--Requirements for receipt.

Every licensee or its authorized delegate shall provide the sender a receipt for money received for transmission.

(1)    The receipt shall contain the following information, as applicable:

(a)    The name of the sender;

(b)    The name of the designated recipient;

(c)    The date of the transaction;

(d)    The unique transaction or identification number;

(e)    The name of the licensee, NMLS Unique ID, the licensee's business address, and the licensee’s customer service telephone number;

(f)    The amount of the transaction in United States dollars;

(g)    Any fee charged by the licensee to the sender for the transaction; and

(h)    Any taxes collected by the licensee from the sender for the transaction.

(2)    The receipt required by this section must be in English and in the language principally used by the licensee or authorized delegate to advertise, solicit, or negotiate, either orally or in writing, for a transaction conducted in person, electronically, or by phone, if other than English.

Source: SL 2024, ch 196, § 45.