51A-17-1    Definition of terms.

51A-17-2    Permissible investments defined.

51A-17-2.1    Control defined.

51A-17-2.2    Passive investor defined.

51A-17-3    Entities exempt from chapter.

51A-17-4    License to engage in business of money transmission required.

51A-17-5    Single license to conduct business at multiple locations--Authorized delegates.

51A-17-6    Minimum net worth required.

51A-17-7    Qualification to do business of corporate and noncorporate applicants and licensees.

51A-17-8    Security device or deposit required.

51A-17-9    Security after licensee ceases operations.

51A-17-10    Investments required--Waiver by director.

51A-17-11    Criminal history background check required .

51A-17-12    Application for license--Form--Contents.

51A-17-13    Corporate applicants--Additional requirements.

51A-17-14    Noncorporate applicants--Additional requirements.

51A-17-15    Waiver of license application requirements.

51A-17-16    Application fee.

51A-17-17    Applicant--Investigation by director.

51A-17-18    Denial of application--Request for hearing.

51A-17-19    Annual report and renewal fee.

51A-17-20    Time for filing renewal application, report, and fee.

51A-17-21    Limit of licensee's liability.

51A-17-22    Amendment or notice of certain events required.

51A-17-23    Notice of proposed change of control--Investigation--Approval of change.

51A-17-24    Persons exempt from change of control requirements--Notice.

51A-17-25    Public offering of securities exempt from change of control requirements.

51A-17-26    Request for determination on change of control from director.

51A-17-27    Examination or investigation--Acceptance of report by other examining agencies or federal government.

51A-17-28    Request for financial data or examination upon reasonable basis to believe licensee in noncompliance.

51A-17-29    Records required and open to inspection.

51A-17-30    Confidentiality of information--Exception.

51A-17-31    Authorized delegate--Written contract required--Contents.

51A-17-32    Standards of conduct of authorized delegate.

51A-17-33    Funds received by authorized delegate constitute trust funds.

51A-17-34    Report of theft or loss.

51A-17-35    Suspension or revocation of license.

51A-17-36    Suspension or revocation of authorized delegate designation.

51A-17-37    Cease and desist order.

51A-17-38    Administrative proceeding following cease and desist order.

51A-17-39    Consent order.

51A-17-40    Fine for violation of chapter or rule.

51A-17-41    Intentional misrepresentations or omissions in records--Engaging in activity without required license--Felony.

51A-17-42    Order to show cause--Temporary restraining order--Cease and desist order--Administrative proceeding--Judicial review.

51A-17-43    Jurisdiction of the courts.

51A-17-44    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 252, § 27.

51A-17-45    Licenses not assignable.

51A-17-46    Funds to be deposited with state treasurer and credited to banking special revenue fund.

51A-17-47    Promulgation of rules.

51A-17-48    Use of nationwide mortgage licensing system and registry as information channeling agent.

51A-17-49    Collection and maintenance of records and processing of fees.

51A-17-50    Confidentiality of information provided to nationwide mortgage licensing system and registry.

51A-17-51    Multistate supervisory processes participation.