51A-5-1    Use of "trust" in name restricted--Exercise of trust powers restricted--Misdemeanor.

51A-5-1.1    Powers of banks engaging in trust business.

51A-5-1.2    "Trust business" defined.

51A-5-2    Bank as trustee or custodian for retirement benefit plans.

51A-5-3    Fiduciary authority of bank authorized by charter to exercise trust powers.

51A-5-4    Deposit required to do trust business--Amount and form of deposit--Disposition of income.

51A-5-5    Deposit available for satisfaction of claims upon liquidation, abandonment of trust powers, or resignation from fiduciary positions.

51A-5-6    National banks' authority to engage in trust business--Examination of trust business--Acceptance of federal examination.

51A-5-7    Foreign bank or trust company to comply with requirements to act as fiduciary in state--Violation as misdemeanor.

51A-5-8    Reciprocal privileges extended to foreign bank or trust company acting as fiduciary.

51A-5-9    Filing with Office of the Secretary of State by foreign bank or trust company acting as fiduciary--Designation as agent to receive process--Service of process.

51A-5-10    Establishment of place of business not permitted or prohibited by filing requirements.

51A-5-11    Investment powers of trust company.

51A-5-12    Voting of bank shares by cotrustee.

51A-5-13    Segregation of assets held by bank as fiduciary.

51A-5-14    Deposit of federally guaranteed securities with federal reserve bank.

51A-5-15    Records of depositor to show ownership of securities--Transfers by book entries.

51A-5-16    Custodian to certify deposited securities to fiduciary--Duty of fiduciary.

51A-5-17    Application of provisions to fiduciaries and custodians whenever appointed.

51A-5-18    51A-5-18. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 212, § 19.

51A-5-19    Oath or bond not required of bank to qualify as fiduciary.

51A-5-20    Nominees used by bank acting as fiduciary or cofiduciary.

51A-5-21    Deposit in clearing corporation of securities held as fiduciary or custodian.

51A-5-22    Ownership of stock in clearing corporation not required for deposit of securities by fiduciary or custodian.

51A-5-23    Holding in bulk of securities deposited in clearing corporation--Merger of certificates.

51A-5-24    Records of securities deposited in clearing corporation--Transfer by book entry--Certification to interested party of securities held.

51A-5-25    Approval or ratification of acceptance or relinquishment of fiduciary accounts by board of directors or committee.

51A-5-26    Supervision of investment of fiduciary funds by committee designated by board of directors.

51A-5-27    Reports of committees designated to supervise fiduciary accounts.

51A-5-28    Repealed

51A-5-29    Repealed

51A-5-30    Repealed

51A-5-31    Repealed

51A-5-32    Repealed