53-9-1    Contract provisions contrary to law, unlawful.

53-9-2    Gambling contracts void.

53-9-3    Contracts against public policy.

53-9-4    Penalties for nonperformance of contract void, exceptions.

53-9-5    Contracts fixing damages void, exception.

53-9-6    Restraints on legal proceedings void--Arbitration agreements and certain surety contract limitations enforceable.

53-9-6.1    Validation of contract limiting time for enforcement of rights under surety contracts.

53-9-7    Contract in restraint of marriage void.

53-9-8    Contracts in restraint of trade void--Exceptions.

53-9-9    Sale of good will--Seller's agreement with buyer to refrain from carrying on similar business, validity.

53-9-10    Dissolution of partnership--Agreement of partners to refrain from carrying on similar business, validity.

53-9-11    Employment contract--Competition limitation upon termination.

53-9-11.1    Employment contract--Competition limitation upon termination--Practitioner defined.

53-9-11.2    Employment contract--Practitioner competition limitation upon termination--Voidability--Applicability.

53-9-12    Contracts of independent contractor who is captive insurance agent--Covenants not to compete.

53-9-13    Coerce or compel an abortion--Contract void.