54-14-1    54-14-1 to 54-14-11. Repealed by SL 2007, ch 279, § 21.

54-14-12    Definitions.

54-14-12.1    Loan processor or underwriter defined.

54-14-12.2    Mortgage loan originator defined.

54-14-12.3    Real estate brokerage activity defined.

54-14-12.4    Registered mortgage loan originator defined.

54-14-13    License required for mortgage lenders, brokerage, brokers, and loan originators--Identification through nationwide mortgage licensing system and registry--Exemption.

54-14-13.1    (See § 54-14-13.3 for effective dates) Mortgage loan originator license--Required findings.

54-14-13.2    (See § 54-14-13.3 for effective dates) Mortgage loan originator license--Renewal standards.

54-14-13.3    Effective dates of §§ 54-14-13.1 and 54-14-13.2.

54-14-13.4    License required for loan processor or underwriter--Identification through nationwide mortgage licensing system and registry.

54-14-13.5    License required for company originating, selling, or servicing nonresidential mortgage loans.

54-14-14    Application for licensure or registration.

54-14-15    Information to be furnished to nationwide mortgage licensing system and registry--Distribution of information--Criminal background check.

54-14-16    Fees.

54-14-17    License and registration not assignable.

54-14-18    Expiration of license or registration.

54-14-19    Fees for renewal of license.

54-14-20    Exemption of certain entities from chapter.

54-14-20.1    Exemption of certain persons from mortgage loan originator license requirement.

54-14-20.2    Exemption of attorneys from mortgage loan originator license requirement.

54-14-21    Exemption of certain entities from licensing requirements.

54-14-22    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 252, § 29.

54-14-23    Mortgage broker or lender permitted to use services of mortgage loan originator.

54-14-24    Surety bond requirements.

54-14-25    Violation of license or registration requirements--Misdemeanor.

54-14-25.1    Civil penalty for acting without required license or registration.

54-14-26    Examination and investigation by director.

54-14-27    Conditioning, denial, nonrenewal, suspension, or revocation of license.

54-14-28    Reinstatement of license or registration--Termination of suspension--New license or registration.

54-14-29    Procedure for contesting suspension or revocation.

54-14-30    Annual tax upon net income--Exemptions.

54-14-31    Promulgation of rules regarding licensing, education, and fees.

54-14-32    Disposition of fees.

54-14-33    Contracts with nationwide mortgage licensing system.

54-14-34    Promulgation of rules for challenging information entered in nationwide mortgage licensing system.

54-14-35    Sharing of information.

54-14-36    Reports of condition--Promulgation of rules.

54-14-37    Reports of violations and enforcement.

54-14-38    Improper influence on real estate appraisals prohibited--Grounds for discipline.

54-14-39    Conduct not constituting improper influence on real estate appraisals.

54-14-40    Remote work--Requirements.