55-11-1    End-of-life directives--Prearranged funeral contract--Portion of money paid under contract held in trust.

55-11-1.1    Personal property and professional services to be provided under prearranged funeral trust contract.

55-11-2    Deposit of trust fund in banking institution or association--Violation as misdemeanor.

55-11-3    Contract to be in writing--Copies furnished depository and personal representative of contracting party--Clause concerning trust fund required.

55-11-3.1    Clause required in contract not providing guaranteed price.

55-11-4    Financial institution receiving money in trust--Acknowledgment on copy of prearranged funeral contract.

55-11-5    Cancellation of contract creating revocable trust.

55-11-5.1    Return of payments required on revocation under contract with guaranteed price.

55-11-6    55-11-6. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 408, § 13.

55-11-7    Solicitation of funeral trust contracts--Annual registration required--Exception--Unauthorized solicitation or sale prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.

55-11-8    Information to be submitted upon registration.

55-11-9    Annual report required--Contents--Filing fee--Confidentiality--Violation as misdemeanor.

55-11-10    Applicability of § 37-24-5.4.

55-11-11    Prearranged funeral contract pooled funds trust--Creation--Separate accounts--When consent of purchaser required.

55-11-12    Death or relocation of beneficiary of irrevocable prearranged funeral trust--Seller's option to provide comparable services or return deposits and interest--Disposition of funds.

55-11-12.1    Disbursement of funds in irrevocable prearranged funeral trust.

55-11-13    Prearranged funeral contract not burial insurance.

55-11-14    Applicability of act to certain contracts.

55-11-15    Certain persons operating cemeteries exempted from provisions regarding sale of merchandise and services--Maintenance of funds.