55-15-1    Definitions.

55-15-2    Trustee's authority to convert income trust, total return unitrust--Calculate trust amount, value--Conditions.

55-15-3    Interested trustee's authority over actions enumerated in § 55-15-2--Conditions.

55-15-4    Trustee may petition court--Appointment of disinterested person.

55-15-5    Annual valuation of trust required.

55-15-6    Calculation of unitrust amount.

55-15-7    55-15-7. Repealed by SL 2009, ch 252, § 40.

55-15-8    Unitrust amount as net income of trust--Allocation of capital gains to trust income.

55-15-9    Administration of total return unitrust--Authority of trustee.

55-15-10    Distributions of principal and standards for income distributions not affected by conversion.

55-15-11    Spouse may compel reconversion to income trust for certain trusts--Written instrument required.

55-15-12    Applicability of chapter.

55-15-13    Trustee acting in good faith not liable--Remedy.

55-15-14    No duty to act created.

55-15-15    Chapter not applicable to charitable remainder unitrust.