55-16-1    Definitions.

55-16-2    Trust instrument defined.

55-16-3    Qualified person defined.

55-16-4    Persons and entities not to be considered qualified person--Appointment, removal, or replacement of co-trustee, trust advisor, or trust protector.

55-16-5    Service as investment trust advisor--Service as fiduciary by transferor.

55-16-6    Successor qualified person.

55-16-7    Disposition to more than one trustee--Qualified disposition even if all trustees are not qualified persons.

55-16-8    Powers and rights of transferor--Effect on qualified disposition.

55-16-9    Creditors' actions limited to transfers with intent to defraud.

55-16-10    Requirements for bringing claim for fraudulent transfer of settlor's assets.

55-16-11    Disposition by transferor who is a trustee--Time of disposition.

55-16-12    Creditor or other person--Rights with respect to a qualified disposition--Action against trustee, advisor, or trust preparer prohibited.

55-16-13    Action against trustee, advisor, or preparer of trust prohibited if action by creditor would be barred--Jurisdiction--Attorneys' fees and costs.

55-16-14    Multiple qualified dispositions in same trust instrument.

55-16-15    Application of chapter.

55-16-16    Avoidance of qualified disposition.