55-18-1    Definitions.

55-18-2    Application of chapter to proceedings involving persons interested in trust.

55-18-3    Effect of provisions of chapter.

55-18-4    Conditions under which representative may not bind person represented.

55-18-5    Notice, service of process, and consent not required of certain persons.

55-18-6    Notice or consent respecting co-representatives.

55-18-7    Demand for notice.

55-18-8    Notice to Department of Social Services.

55-18-9    Persons who may bind others.

55-18-10    Disclosure of information regarding representatives.

55-18-11    Refusal to act as representative.

55-18-12    Petition for advance approval of action.

55-18-13    Representative with conflict of interest.

55-18-14    Disclosure of conflict of interest by representative.

55-18-15    Disclosure of conflict of interest by notifier.

55-18-16    Findings regarding conflict of interest in judicial and nonjudicial proceedings--Immunity of representative from liability.

55-18-17    Discretion of representative--Fiduciary status.

55-18-18    Compensation of representative.

55-18-19    Appointment of court representative.

55-18-20    Limitations on representation of settlor--Limitations on settlor's authority to bind beneficiary.

55-18-21    Limitations on trustee's authority to bind beneficiary.

55-18-22    Unauthorized practice of law not permitted.

55-18-23    Provisions of governing instrument.

55-18-24    Construction with chapter 29A-1.

55-18-25    Liability of notifier.

55-18-26    Liability of fiduciary.