55-1A-1    Powers enumerated in chapter apply to any trust unless specifically excluded--Powers as additional to common law powers.

55-1A-2    Trustee defined.

55-1A-3    55-1A-3, 55-1A-4. Repealed by SL 2002, ch 100, §§ 11, 12

55-1A-4.1    55-1A-4.1. Repealed by SL 2002, ch 100, § 13

55-1A-5    Retention of trust property by trustee.

55-1A-6    Additions to trust assets.

55-1A-7    Operation of business by trustee.

55-1A-8    Acquisition of undivided interest in trust asset.

55-1A-9    Investment of trust assets.

55-1A-9.1    Affiliated investments.

55-1A-10    Deposit of trust funds in bank.

55-1A-11    Disposal of trust assets.

55-1A-12    Grant or taking of option for disposition of assets.

55-1A-13    Leases by trustees.

55-1A-14    Repairs by trustee--Removal or demolition.

55-1A-15    Razing or erection of party walls or buildings.

55-1A-16    Land development or dedication--Valuation adjustments.

55-1A-17    Mineral and natural resource leases and explorations.

55-1A-18    Insurance.

55-1A-19    Voting stock or securities--Voting trust agreements.

55-1A-20    Payment of calls, assessments, and other sums charged against corporate securities.

55-1A-21    Corporate powers--Stocks--Reorganizations and mergers--Sales and leases.

55-1A-22    Holding stock in nominee's name without disclosing fiduciary relationship.

55-1A-23    Borrowing money against trust assets.

55-1A-24    Contracts binding upon trust.

55-1A-25    Claims in favor of or against trust or trustee.

55-1A-26    Release of claim or lien.

55-1A-27    Payment of trust administration expenses.

55-1A-28    Creation of reserves.

55-1A-29    Payment of sum distributable to minor or other beneficiary under legal disability--Methods.

55-1A-30    Distribution of property and money.

55-1A-31    Employment of agents and assistants.

55-1A-32    Prosecution or defense of actions and proceedings.

55-1A-32.1    Trustee immunity from liability for failure to prosecute, defend, or continue to defend.

55-1A-33    Advance of income or loan to beneficiary--Lien.

55-1A-34    Advance of money for protection of trust--Lien.

55-1A-35    Execution and delivery of instruments.

55-1A-35.1    Electronic execution of documents.

55-1A-36    Holding of two or more trusts with undivided interests.

55-1A-37    Citation of chapter.

55-1A-38    Trustee may perform necessary and appropriate acts.

55-1A-39    Disclaimer of powers by trustee--Time limit.

55-1A-40    Trust name change.

55-1A-41    Co-trustee appointment--Powers.