55-1B-1    Definition of terms.

55-1B-1.1    Governing instrument may provide trust advisor or trust protector with powers and immunities of trustee.

55-1B-2    Liability limits of excluded fiduciary--Relief from obligations for excluded fiduciary--Burden of proof in action against excluded fiduciary.

55-1B-3    Death of grantor.

55-1B-4    Trust advisor as fiduciary.

55-1B-5    Excluded fiduciary's liability for loss if trust protector appointed.

55-1B-6    Powers and discretions of trust protector.

55-1B-7    Submission to court jurisdiction--Effect on trust advisor or trust protector.

55-1B-8    Powers of trust protector incorporated by reference in will or trust instrument.

55-1B-9    Investment trust advisor or distribution trust advisor provided for in trust instrument.

55-1B-10    Powers and discretions of investment trust advisor.

55-1B-11    Powers and discretions of distribution trust advisor.

55-1B-12    Powers and discretions of family advisor.