55-2-1    Trustee's obligation of good faith.

55-2-2    Trustee not to use property for his own benefit--Profit of trustee from use of property, extent of liability.

55-2-3    Transactions involving interest of trustee adverse to beneficiary prohibited--Exceptions.

55-2-4    Trustee's influence not to be used for his advantage.

55-2-5    Trustee not to assume a trust adverse to the interest of beneficiary.

55-2-6    Adverse interest of trustee--Information to beneficiary--Removal of trustee.

55-2-7    Fraud against beneficiary of trust.

55-2-8    Presumption against trustee.

55-2-9    Liability of trustee mingling trust property with his own.

55-2-10    Measure of liability for unauthorized use or disposal of trust property--Intent to serve interest of beneficiary.

55-2-11    Liability for acts of cotrustee.

55-2-12    Liability and duties of successor trustee for agreements, contracts or actions of predecessor fiduciary.

55-2-13    Notice to qualified beneficiaries of existence of trust--Written directions--Variation of right of a beneficiary to be informed--Confidentiality of trust information.

55-2-13.1    Information to be provided to excluded fiduciaries--Liability limits of trustee.

55-2-14    Duty to provide information regarding revocable trust and its administration.

55-2-15    Trustee authorized to distribute income or principal from first trust may appoint all or part in favor of trustee of second trust--Restrictions--Power of appointment to beneficiary of second trust.

55-2-16    Action that may not be taken by restricted trustee may be taken by another unrestricted trustee.

55-2-17    Conditions under which beneficiary has power to change trustees.

55-2-18    Exercise of power to distribute income or principal by written instrument--Notice to beneficiaries of first trust.

55-2-19    Exercise of power to distribute income or principal considered exercise of power of appointment.

55-2-20    Impermissible use of power.

55-2-21    Trustee's right to distribute income or principal in trust arising under law or terms of first trust not abridged.

55-2-22    Fiduciary duty to determine that substituted property is of equivalent value.

55-2-23    Reliance of excluded fiduciaries and trustees on tax information.

55-2-24    Notice to beneficiaries and other interested parties.