55-3-1    Application of chapter.

55-3-2    Creation of trust--Mutual consent of trustor and trustee.

55-3-3    Appointing court or public officer as trustor.

55-3-4    Declaration of trust--Declarations of trustor to trustee before acceptance.

55-3-5    Trustee to follow declaration of trust--Modifications.

55-3-6    Trust irrevocable in absence of express contrary provisions.

55-3-7    Trustee's power as agent.

55-3-8    55-3-8. Repealed by SL 1993, ch 355, § 3

55-3-9    55-3-9. Repealed by SL 2007, ch 280, § 25.

55-3-10    Degree of care and diligence used in execution of trusts.

55-3-11    Investment of money by trustee--Interest, simple or compound, on omission to invest trust moneys.

55-3-12    Purchase by trustee of claims against trust property.

55-3-13    Expenses incurred by trustee in performance of trust--Reimbursement.

55-3-14    Compensation of trustee.

55-3-15    Implied trustee--No rights to compensation or repayment of expenses.

55-3-16    Vacation of office of trustee.

55-3-17    Discharge of trustee--Grounds.

55-3-17.1    Resignation of fiduciary.

55-3-18    Survivorship between cotrustees.

55-3-19    Discharge of trustee before trust executed--Duty to secure appointment of successor.

55-3-20    Removal of trustee by circuit court--Vacant trusteeship filled by court.

55-3-20.1    Grounds for removal of trustee.

55-3-21    Appointment of trustee by circuit court--Grounds.

55-3-22    55-3-22. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 282, § 10

55-3-23    Termination of trust.

55-3-24    Modification or termination of trust--Notice to fiduciaries--Distribution of property.

55-3-25    Petition to court for affirmation--Non-consenting beneficiaries--Distribution of property.

55-3-26    Petition to modify terms of trust--Circumstances--Distribution of property.

55-3-27    Termination of noncharitable trusts valued under one hundred fifty thousand dollars--Distribution of property.

55-3-28    Terms of trust may be reformed by court.

55-3-29    Trustee may combine or divide trusts--Rights of beneficiaries--Trust purposes--Petition to court.

55-3-29.1    Defense of laches not available.

55-3-29.2    Statute of limitations defense not available.

55-3-30    Provisions not exclusive.

55-3-31    55-3-31 to 55-3-38. Repealed by SL 2017, ch 208, § 36.

55-3-39    When state law or jurisdiction provision valid, effective, and conclusive.

55-3-40    Validity, construction, and administration of trust with state jurisdiction provision.

55-3-41    Qualified person defined.

55-3-42    State jurisdiction provision defined.

55-3-43    South Dakota investments defined.

55-3-44    Trustor defined.

55-3-45    Beneficiary approval of trustee's accounting--Alternative approval of trustee's accounting--Accounting defined.

55-3-46    Effect of the laws, rules, or orders of foreign country on trust or disposition of property.

55-3-46.1    Effect of laws, rules, or orders of other states on a trust or disposition of property.

55-3-47    Cessation of trustee upon action of foreign court--Successor trustee.

55-3-48    South Dakota law governs administration of trust.

55-3-49    Enforcement of foreign judgments.