57A-13-102. Definitions.

(a) In this chapter:

(1)    "Adjustment date" means July 1, 2025, or the date that is one year after July 1, 2024, whichever is later.

(2)    "Article 12" means Article 12 of the Uniform Commercial Code as adopted under chapter 57A-12.

(3)    "Article 12 property" means a controllable account, controllable electronic record, or controllable payment intangible.

(b) The following definitions in other articles of title 57A apply to this chapter.

"Controllable account." § 57A-9-102.

"Controllable electronic record." § 57A-12-102.

"Controllable payment intangible." § 57A-9-102.

"Electronic money." § 57A-9-102.

"Financing statement." § 57A-9-102.

(c) Chapter 57A-1 contains general definitions and principles of construction and interpretation applicable throughout this chapter.

Source: SL 2024, ch 198, § 102.