57A-13-303. Security interest unperfected before effective date.

A security interest that is enforceable immediately before July 1, 2024, but is unperfected at that time:

(1)    Remains an enforceable security interest until the adjustment date;

(2)    Remains enforceable thereafter if the security interest become enforceable under § 57A-9-203, as amended by SL 2024, ch 198, on July 1, 2024, or before the adjustment date; and

(3)    Becomes perfected:

(A)    Without further action, on July 1, 2024, if the requirements for perfection under SL 2024, ch 198 are satisfied before or at that time; or

(B)    When the requirements for perfection are satisfied if the requirements are satisfied after that time.

Source: SL 2024, ch 198, § 106.