57A-4A-101    Short title.

57A-4A-102    Subject matter.

57A-4A-103    Payment order--Definitions.

57A-4A-104    Funds transfer--Definitions.

57A-4A-105    Other definitions.

57A-4A-106    Time payment order is received.

57A-4A-107    Federal reserve regulations and operating circulars.

57A-4A-108    Exclusion of consumer transactions governed by federal law.

57A-4A-201    Security procedure.

57A-4A-202    Authorized and verified payment orders.

57A-4A-203    Unenforceability of certain verified payment orders.

57A-4A-204    Refund of payment and duty of customer to report with respect to unauthorized payment order.

57A-4A-205    Erroneous payment orders.

57A-4A-206    Transmission of payment order through funds-transfer or other communication system.

57A-4A-207    Misdescription of beneficiary.

57A-4A-208    Misdescription of intermediary bank or beneficiary's bank.

57A-4A-209    Acceptance of payment order.

57A-4A-210    Rejection of payment order.

57A-4A-211    Cancellation and amendment of payment order.

57A-4A-212    Liability and duty of receiving bank regarding unaccepted payment order.

57A-4A-301    Execution and execution date.

57A-4A-302    Obligation of receiving bank in execution of payment order.

57A-4A-303    Erroneous execution of payment order.

57A-4A-304    Duty of sender to report erroneously executed payment order.

57A-4A-305    Liability for late or improper execution or failure to execute payment order.

57A-4A-401    Payment date.

57A-4A-402    Obligation of sender to pay receiving bank.

57A-4A-403    Payment by sender to receiving bank.

57A-4A-404    Obligation of beneficiary's bank to pay and give notice to beneficiary.

57A-4A-405    Payment by beneficiary's bank to beneficiary.

57A-4A-406    Payment by originator to beneficiary--Discharge of underlying obligation.

57A-4A-501    Variation by agreement and effect of funds-transfer system rule.

57A-4A-502    Creditor process served on receiving bank--Setoff by beneficiary's bank.

57A-4A-503    Injunction or restraining order with respect to funds transfer.

57A-4A-504    Order in which items and payment orders may be charged to account--Order of withdrawals from account.

57A-4A-505    Preclusion of objection to debit of customer's account.

57A-4A-506    Rate of interest.

57A-4A-507    Choice of law.