57A-7-101    Short title.

57A-7-102    Definitions and index of definitions.

57A-7-103    Relation of chapter to treaty or statute.

57A-7-104    Negotiable and nonnegotiable document of title.

57A-7-105    Reissuance in alternative medium.

57A-7-106    Control of electronic document of title.

57A-7-201    Person that may issue a warehouse receipt--Storage under bond.

57A-7-202    Form of warehouse receipt--Effect of omission.

57A-7-203    Liability for nonreceipt or misdescription.

57A-7-204    Duty of care--Contractual limitation of warehouse's liability.

57A-7-205    Title under warehouse receipt defeated in certain cases.

57A-7-206    Termination of storage at warehouse's option.

57A-7-207    Goods to be kept separate--Fungible goods.

57A-7-208    Altered warehouse receipts.

57A-7-209    Lien of warehouse.

57A-7-210    Enforcement of warehouse's lien.

57A-7-301    Liability for nonreceipt or misdescription--"Said to contain"--"Shipper's weight, load, and count"--Improper handling.

57A-7-302    Through bills of lading and similar documents of title.

57A-7-303    Diversion--Reconsignment--Change of instructions.

57A-7-304    Tangible bills of lading in a set.

57A-7-305    Destination bills.

57A-7-306    Altered bills of lading.

57A-7-307    Lien of carrier.

57A-7-308    Enforcement of carrier's lien.

57A-7-309    Duty of care--Contractual limitation of carrier's liability.

57A-7-401    Irregularities in issue of receipt or bill or conduct of issuer.

57A-7-402    Duplicate document of title--Overissue.

57A-7-403    Obligation of bailee to deliver--Excuse.

57A-7-404    No liability for good-faith delivery pursuant to document of title.

57A-7-501    Form of negotiation and requirements of due negotiation.

57A-7-502    Rights acquired by due negotiation.

57A-7-503    Document of title to goods defeated in certain cases.

57A-7-504    Rights acquired in absence of due negotiation--Effect of diversion--Stoppage of delivery.

57A-7-505    Indorser not guarantor for other parties.

57A-7-506    Delivery without indorsement--Right to compel indorsement.

57A-7-507    Warranties on negotiation or delivery of document of title.

57A-7-508    Warranties of collecting bank as to documents of title.

57A-7-509    Adequate compliance with commercial contract.

57A-7-601    Lost, stolen, or destroyed documents of title.

57A-7-602    Judicial process against goods covered by negotiable document of title.

57A-7-603    Conflicting claims--Interpleader.

57A-7-701    Applicability.

57A-7-702    Savings clause.