57A-9-101    Short title.

57A-9-102    Definitions and index of definitions.

57A-9-103    Purchase money security interest--Application of payments--Burden of establishing nature of interest.

57A-9-104    Control of deposit account.

57A-9-105    Control of electronic chattel paper.

57A-9-106    Control of security, security settlement, or commodity contract.

57A-9-107    Control of letter-of-credit right.

57A-9-108    Sufficiency of description of property.

57A-9-109    Application of chapter.

57A-9-110    Provisions governing security interests arising under other sections.

57A-9-111    57A-9-111. Repealed by SL 1993, ch 356, § 1

57A-9-201    Effectiveness of security interest in general--Applicability of other laws--Conflict of law.

57A-9-202    Immateriality of title to collateral.

57A-9-203    Attachment and enforceability of security interest--Proceeds--Supporting obligations--Formal requisites

57A-9-204    Interest in after-acquired collateral.

57A-9-204.1    Attachment of security interest in transactions entered into between June 30, 1978, and July 1, 1979.

57A-9-205    Effect of debtor's right to use or dispose of collateral--Requirement of possession.

57A-9-206    Interest in favor of securities intermediary--Interest in favor of person who delivers financial asset.

57A-9-207    Rights and duties of secured party having possession or control of collateral.

57A-9-208    Additional duties of secured party having control of collateral.

57A-9-209    Secured party's obligation to release account debtor that has received note of assignment.

57A-9-210    Response to request for accounting, statement of account, or list of collateral.

57A-9-301    Law governing perfection, effect of perfection or nonperfection, and priority.

57A-9-302    Law governing perfection and priority issues relating to farm products.

57A-9-303    Law governing perfection and priority issues relating to goods covered by a certificate of title.

57A-9-304    Law governing perfection and priority issues relating to deposit accounts--Determination of bank's jurisdiction.

57A-9-305    Law governing perfection and priority issues relating to investment property--Determination of commodity intermediary's jurisdiction.

57A-9-306    Law governing issues of perfection and priority relating to letter-of-credit rights.

57A-9-307    Location of debtor.

57A-9-308    What constitutes perfection of security interest or agricultural lien.

57A-9-309    Security interests that are perfected when they attach.

57A-9-310    Requirement that financing statement be filed to perfect security interest or agricultural lien--Exceptions.

57A-9-311    Perfection of security interests in property subject to certain statutes, regulations, and treaties.

57A-9-312    Perfection of security interests in chattel paper, deposit accounts, documents, goods covered by documents, instruments, investment property, letter-of-credit rights, and money--Perfection by permissive filing--Temporary perfection.

57A-9-313    Perfection by taking possession of collateral or by delivery.

57A-9-314    Perfection by control of collateral.

57A-9-315    Effect of disposition of collateral on security interest or agricultural lien--Interest in proceeds.

57A-9-316    Effect of change in governing law.

57A-9-317    Interests that take priority over or take free of security interest or agricultural lien.

57A-9-318    Effect of sale of collateral on rights of debtor.

57A-9-319    Rights of consignee in relation to creditors and purchasers.

57A-9-320    Rights of buyer in ordinary course of business--Buyer of goods from seller who bought or used them for personal or household use.

57A-9-321    "Licensee in ordinary course of business"--Rights with respect to security interest--Rights of lessee in ordinary course of business.

57A-9-322    Priority among conflicting security interests and agricultural liens in same collateral.

57A-9-323    Dating of perfection from time of advance--Subordination of security interest to interest of lien creditor--Rights of buyer of goods--Lessee of goods.

57A-9-324    Priority of perfected purchase money security interest.

57A-9-325    Subordination of security interest created by debtor to security interest created by another person.

57A-9-326    Subordination of security interest created by new debtor.

57A-9-327    Priority among conflicting security interests in same deposit account.

57A-9-328    Priority among conflicting security interests in same investment property.

57A-9-329    Priority among conflicting security interests in same letter-of-credit right.

57A-9-330    Priority of rights of purchaser of chattel paper--Priority in proceeds.

57A-9-331    Rights of holder in due course of negotiable instrument, holder of negotiable document of title, or protected purchaser of security--Rights of person protected under chapter 57A-8.

57A-9-332    Transferee of money or funds from deposit account.

57A-9-333    "Possessory lien"--Priority over security interest.

57A-9-334    Security interest in fixtures--Priority--Security interest in growing crops.

57A-9-335    Security interest in accession--Collateral that becomes an accession.

57A-9-336    "Commingled goods"--Security interest and priority issues with respect to commingled goods.

57A-9-337    Certificate of title failing to show security interest perfected under another jurisdiction's law.

57A-9-338    Effect of inaccurate financing statement on security interest or agricultural lien.

57A-9-339    Subordination by agreement.

57A-9-340    Bank's right of recoupment or setoff against party holding security interest in deposit account.

57A-9-341    Effect of security interest on bank's rights and duties with respect to deposit account.

57A-9-342    Bank's right with respect to agreement giving secured party control of deposit account.

57A-9-401    Transferability of debtor's rights.

57A-9-401.1    57A-9-401.1. Repealed by SL 1980, ch 346, § 7

57A-9-402    Secured party's liability for debtor's acts or omissions.

57A-9-403    "Value"--Agreement not to assert claims or defenses against assignee.

57A-9-403.1    57A-9-403.1 to 57A-9-403.5. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 347, §§ 39 to 43

57A-9-404    Claims and defenses assertable against assignee.

57A-9-405    Effect of modification or substitution of assigned contract.

57A-9-406    Discharge of account debtor--Notice of assignment--Proof of assignment--Ineffective prohibitions or restrictions on assignments.

57A-9-407    Ineffective prohibitions or restrictions in lease agreement.

57A-9-408    Restrictions on assignment or transfer of promissory note, health care insurance receivable, or general intangible.

57A-9-409    Ineffective restrictions on assignment or creation of security interest in letter-of-credit right.

57A-9-501    Office for filing financing statement for security interest or agricultural lien.

57A-9-501.1    Validation of noncomplying statements.

57A-9-501.2    Secured party access through state's computer to record liens on real property--Rules.

57A-9-502    Contents of financing statement--Record of mortgage as financing statement--Time of filing financing statement.

57A-9-503    Name of debtor and secured party.

57A-9-504    Sufficiency of description of collateral.

57A-9-505    Filing by bailor of goods, licensor, or buyer of payment intangible or promissory note.

57A-9-506    Substantial compliance with requirements.

57A-9-507    Continuing effectiveness of filed financing statement.

57A-9-508    Effect of new debtor's rights in collateral.

57A-9-509    Authority to file financing statement or amendment adding collateral or debtor.

57A-9-510    Effectiveness of filed record.

57A-9-511    Person constituting secured party of record.

57A-9-512    Procedure for amending financing statement--Effectiveness.

57A-9-513    Termination statement.

57A-9-514    Assignment of secured party's power to authorize amendment--Assignment of record of security's interest in fixture.

57A-9-515    Effective period for filed financing statement--Effect of lapse.

57A-9-516    What constitutes filing--Refusal to accept for filing--Effect.

57A-9-517    Effect of incorrect indexing of record.

57A-9-518    Information statement regarding record.

57A-9-519    Duties of filing office in dealing with records.

57A-9-520    Refusal by filing office to accept record.

57A-9-521    Forms for financing statement, amendment to statement, and addendum for either.

57A-9-522    Required retention of information from financing statement--Destruction of written record.

57A-9-523    Acknowledgment of filing--Information to be communicated from records on request--Sale or licensing of records.

57A-9-524    Excuses for filing office failure to meet time limits.

57A-9-525    Fees for filing and indexing records.

57A-9-525.1    Effect of filing with register of deeds prior to July 1, 1986--Continuation or amendment thereof.

57A-9-525.2    Central filing system--Promulgation of regulations.

57A-9-525.3    Central agricultural security interest filing system--Adoption of rules.

57A-9-525.4    Fee for crop or livestock effective finance statement microfiche master list.

57A-9-526    Rules and practices for filing offices.

57A-9-527    Financing statement and annual report filing fee fund.

57A-9-528    Fees deposited in filing fee fund.

57A-9-529    Disposition of balance of funds.

57A-9-530    Combined financing statement for farm products.

57A-9-601    Rights of secured party after default--Rights of debtor and obligor--Relation back of judgment lien.

57A-9-602    Waiver or variance of rules by debtor or obligor.

57A-9-603    Agreement on standards for fulfilling rights and duties.

57A-9-604    Procedure if obligation secured by security interest in personal property or fixtures is also secured by interest in real property.

57A-9-605    Duty of secured party to unknown debtor or obligor or unknown secured party or lienholder.

57A-9-606    Time of default in connection with agricultural lien.

57A-9-607    Collection and enforcement by secured party.

57A-9-608    Application of proceeds--Entitlement to surplus or liability for deficiency.

57A-9-609    Secured party's rights with respect to collateral following default.

57A-9-609.1    Action for recovery of security by creditor against third party purchaser of farm products--Limitation period--Offer to file criminal complaint.

57A-9-609.2    Farm products fraud--Misdemeanor.

57A-9-610    Disposition of collateral after default--Treatment of warranties.

57A-9-611    "Notification date"--Notification of disposition of collateral.

57A-9-612    Reasonable time for sending notification.

57A-9-613    Contents of notification--Form.

57A-9-614    Notice of disposition for consumer goods transaction--Form.

57A-9-615    Order of payment of cash proceeds--Proof of subordinate security interest or lien--Surplus or deficiency.

57A-9-616    "Explanation"--"Request"--Secured party's obligation to send explanation relating to surplus or deficiency.

57A-9-617    Rights of transferee of collateral disposed of after default.

57A-9-618    Rights and duties of secondary obligor.

57A-9-619    "Transfer statement"--Rights of transferee--Effect of transfer of record or legal title.

57A-9-620    Conditions for accepting collateral in full or partial satisfaction of obligation--Requirement that collateral be disposed of.

57A-9-621    Persons who must receive secured party's proposal to accept collateral.

57A-9-622    Effect of acceptance of collateral.

57A-9-623    Persons who may redeem collateral--Procedure.

57A-9-624    Waiver of rights.

57A-9-625    Sanctions for failure to proceed in accordance with chapter--Liability for damages.

57A-9-626    Action in which amount of deficiency or surplus is in issue.

57A-9-627    What constitutes commercially reasonable collection, enforcement, disposition, or acceptance.

57A-9-628    Limitations on liability of secured party.

57A-9-701    Effective date of chapter.

57A-9-702    Effect of chapter on transactions or liens entered into or created before July 1, 2001--Effect on actions, cases, or proceedings.

57A-9-703    Effect of division on security interests enforceable before July 1, 2001.

57A-9-704    Enforceability and perfection of security interest enforceable immediately prior to July 1, 2001, and subordinate to lien creditor.

57A-9-705    Effect of certain actions prior to July 1, 2001.

57A-9-706    Conditions to continuing effectiveness of financing statement filed before July 1, 2001.

57A-9-707    Pre-effective-date financing statement--Amendment, continuation, termination.

57A-9-708    Conditions to filing initial financing statement or continuation statement under part.

57A-9-709    Determination of priority of conflicting claims to collateral--Dating priority of security interest.

57A-9-801    Effective date of SL 2012, ch 238.

57A-9-802    Savings clause.

57A-9-803    Security interest perfected before effective date.

57A-9-804    Security interest unperfected before effective date.

57A-9-805    Effectiveness of action taken before effective date.

57A-9-806    When initial financing statement suffices to continue effectiveness of financing statement.

57A-9-807    Amendment of pre-effective-date financing statement.

57A-9-808    Person entitled to file initial financing statement or continuation statement.

57A-9-809    Priority.