58-1-1    Citation of title.

58-1-2    Definition of terms.

58-1-3    Exemption from title of certain entities and transactions.

58-1-3.1    Application to business including medical, surgical, or hospital care benefits.

58-1-3.2    Direct response and mass marketing as insurance transaction.

58-1-3.3    Health care sharing ministries exempt from title.

58-1-3.4    Health benefit plan--Agricultural organization--Exemption.

58-1-4    Particular provisions prevail.

58-1-5    Compliance required.

58-1-6    58-1-6. Repealed by SL 1978, ch 359, § 1

58-1-7    Local licenses and taxes prohibited.

58-1-8    58-1-8. Temporary and executed

58-1-9    Existing certificates of authority--Renewal, suspension, revocation, or termination.

58-1-10    Existing licenses--Renewal, suspension, revocation or termination.

58-1-11    General saving clause.

58-1-12    Applicability of title under unrepealed laws.

58-1-13    Severability of provisions.

58-1-14    Notice of nonrenewal of policy must be mailed sixty days prior to renewal date--Exceptions.

58-1-14.1    Notice of refusal to renew--Thirty-day delivery requirement--Exception.

58-1-15    "Homeowner's insurance policy" defined--Notice of nonrenewal to policyholder required--Timing of notice--Exception.

58-1-16    Exemption of charitable gift annuity from insurance regulation--Qualified organization.

58-1-16.1    Applicability of § 58-1-16.

58-1-17    Disclosure statement for issuance of charitable gift annuity.

58-1-18    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 252, § 30.

58-1-19    Health benefit plans to issue uniform prescription drug information card--Exception--Director to prescribe format and contents.

58-1-20    Prescription drug information card to be issued upon enrollment--Reissuance.

58-1-21    "Health benefit plan" defined for purposes of §§ 58-1-19 to 58-1-23.

58-1-22    Applicability of §§ 58-1-19 to 58-1-23.

58-1-23    Director to enforce provisions--Promulgation of rules.

58-1-24    Definitions related to genetic testing.

58-1-25    Use of genetic tests in offer, sale, or renewal of insurance prohibited.

58-1-25.1    Sharing of genetic information prohibited--Health carrier, life insurer, long-term care insurer.

58-1-26    Retention of records.

58-1-27    Transmission of electronic documents--Definitions.

58-1-28    Transmission and storage of electronic documents permitted.

58-1-29    Delivery by electronic transmission equivalent to other delivery methods.

58-1-30    Conditions for transmission of electronic documents.

58-1-30.1    Transmission of electronic documents--Consent by sponsor or policyholder.

58-1-30.2    Transmission of electronic documents--Requirements for effective consent.

58-1-30.3    Transmission of electronic documents by consent--Paper notification.

58-1-30.4    Transmission of electronic documents by consent--Notice of document by electronic means.

58-1-31    Content and timing requirements unaffected.

58-1-32    Verification or acknowledgment of receipt.

58-1-33    Effect of failure to obtain electronic consent or confirmation.

58-1-34    Withdrawal of consent.

58-1-35    Documents delivered electronically before July 1, 2014.

58-1-36    Notice to parties consenting to electronic transmission before July 1, 2014.

58-1-37    Oral communications and recordings--Electronic signatures.

58-1-38    Conditions for posting property and casualty policy or endorsement on insurer's website.

58-1-39    Products and documents to which §§ 58-1-27 to 58-1-39 apply.

58-1-40    English version of policy controls--Transactions in another language permitted.

58-1-41    Policies and advertising in language other than English permitted.

58-1-42    Statement attesting that policy in language other than English is translation of policy approved by division.

58-1-43    Policy statement that dispute resolved by English version.

58-1-44    Unfair trade provisions not abrogated.