58-12-1    Forms for proof of loss--Furnishing by insurer on request.

58-12-2    Acts of insurer not constituting waiver of policy provision or defense.

58-12-3    Attorney fees--Recovery in action against self-insured employer or insurer failing to pay loss--Other remedies not barred.

58-12-3.1    Separate hearing on attorney fees--Adding to judgment--Time allowed to request hearing.

58-12-4    Life and health insurance--Exemption of benefits and proceeds from execution.

58-12-5    "Annuity contract" defined.

58-12-6    Exemption of annuity contract benefits, rights, privileges, and options from execution.

58-12-7    Premiums paid on annuity with intent to defraud creditors not exempt from execution.

58-12-8    Maximum amount of annuity exemption--Excess subject to levy.

58-12-9    Application of excess annuities to judgment--Factors considered.

58-12-10    Benefits, rights, privileges, or options nontransferable under annuity contract--Not subject to commutation--Exemption from execution.

58-12-11    Payments under life or health insurance policy or annuity contract discharge insurer.

58-12-12    Use of uniform health insurance claim forms.

58-12-13    Use of claim forms required by federal law excepted.

58-12-14    Promulgation of rules for uniform health insurance claim forms.

58-12-15    "Paintless dent repair" defined.

58-12-16    Motor vehicle insurer must provide sufficient compensation to restore vehicle to prior condition--Adjustment for paintless dent repair permitted--Conditions.

58-12-17    Compensation when paintless dent repair method inappropriate--Requiring unreasonable travel prohibited--Repair shop as payee only if insured agrees.

58-12-18    Compliance with § 58-12-16.

58-12-19    Clean claim defined.

58-12-20    Time limits for processing clean claims--Time limit for additional information required.

58-12-21    Applicability of §§ 58-12-19 to 58-12-21--Certain policies exempt--No private right of action.

58-12-22    Information from insurer's database to Department of Social Services--Data match against recipients--Disclosure--Liability.

58-12-23    Application for or acceptance of medical assistance paid by department operates as release of information to facilitate coordination of benefits--Request.

58-12-24    Refusal of reimbursement due to manner, form, or date of claim prohibited--Time for submission of claim.

58-12-25    Reimbursement to department for cost of services.

58-12-26    Insurer defined.

58-12-27    Department defined.

58-12-28    Provisions of chapter 1-27 not applicable to insurer records.

58-12-29    58-12-29. Repealed by SL 2007, ch 286, § 4.

58-12-30    Annual reports of commercial property casualty insurance claims--Exception--Promulgation of rules.

58-12-31    Definitions regarding standards for claims processing.

58-12-32    Application of standards for claims investigation and disposition.

58-12-33    Flagrant or frequent violations--Notice and opportunity to correct inadvertent violations.

58-12-34    Acts constituting unfair claims practices.

58-12-35    Notice of hearing.

58-12-36    Cease and desist order--Monetary penalty--Suspension or revocation of license.

58-12-37    Promulgation of rules regarding definitions and records.