58-14-1    "Reinsurance" defined.

58-14-2    58-14-2. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 344, § 13

58-14-3    Risk limits applicable.

58-14-4    Credit not allowable as an asset or deduction from liability to ceding insurer--Exceptions--Payments.

58-14-4.1    Association election to succeed to rights and obligations of insolvent insurer under reinsurance contract--Reinsurer's liability to pay claims.

58-14-4.2    Liquidator of insolvent ceding insurer to provide notice to reinsurer of claim against ceding insurer--Investigation and election to interpose defense.

58-14-5    Reinsurance contracts filed by ceding insurer--Cancellation or material change, duty to inform director.

58-14-6    Original insured--No interest in reinsurance.

58-14-7    Credit for reinsurance allowed for domestic ceding insurer as asset or reduction.

58-14-8    Credit allowed for reinsurance if assuming insurer licensed in state.

58-14-9    Requirements for reinsurer to be accredited.

58-14-10    A lien assuming insurer--Standards--Surplus required--Examination of records.

58-14-11    Credit for reinsurance ceded to insurer maintaining trust fund for payment of valid claims--Annual report of assuming insurer.

58-14-11.1    Trust fund requirements for single assuming insurer.

58-14-12    Trust fund requirements for group of incorporated underwriters.

58-14-12.1    Trust fund requirements for group including incorporated and individual unincorporated underwriters.

58-14-13    Establishment of trust--Annual report of balance and investments--Certification of termination of trust.

58-14-14    Reinsurance credit for certain insurers limited to risks in foreign or alien jurisdictions.

58-14-15    Allowance of credit for certain insurers not licensed, certified, or accredited in state.

58-14-16    Asset or reduction from liability for reinsurance ceded to insurer not meeting requirements of § 58-14-7--Security.

58-14-16.1    Credit allowed for reinsurance ceded to certified reinsurer.

58-14-16.2    Eligibility for certification as reinsurer.

58-14-16.3    Eligibility for certification of association including incorporated and individual unincorporated underwriters.

58-14-16.4    List of qualified jurisdictions from which domiciled insurer eligible for consideration for certification.

58-14-16.5    Eligibility of non-United States domiciliary jurisdiction to be recognized as qualified jurisdiction.

58-14-16.6    National Association of Insurance Commissioners' list of qualified jurisdictions.

58-14-16.7    Rating of certified reinsurer.

58-14-16.8    Obligations assumed from United States ceding insurers to be secured consistent with rating.

58-14-16.9    Security required for domestic ceding insurer to qualify for full financial statement credit for reinsurance ceded to certified reinsurer.

58-14-16.10    Trust accounts of certified reinsurer securing obligations as multibeneficiary trust.

58-14-16.11    Minimum trusteed surplus requirements.

58-14-16.12    Reduction in allowable credit for insufficient security.

58-14-16.13    Terminated or suspended certification--Inactive status.

58-14-16.14    Applicant for certification certified as reinsurer in National Association of Insurance Commissioners accredited jurisdiction.

58-14-16.15    Inactive certified reinsurers.

58-14-16.16    Management and notice requirements regarding ceding insurer's reinsurance recoverables.

58-14-16.17    Diversification of ceding insurer's reinsurance program--Notice requirements.

58-14-16.18    Qualified United States financial institution defined for purposes of subdivision 58-14-16(3).

58-14-16.19    Trust agreement conditions for assuming insurers not meeting certain requirements.

58-14-16.20    Suspension or revocation of reinsurer' s accreditation or certification.

58-14-16.21    Credit for reinsurance during suspension or revocation.

58-14-16.22    Fees.

58-14-16.23    Credit for reinsurance for reinsurers in reciprocal jurisdictions--Eligibility requirements.

58-14-16.24    Credit for reinsurance for reinsurers in reciprocal jurisdictions--Capital and surplus requirements.

58-14-16.25    Credit for reinsurance for reinsurers in reciprocal jurisdictions--Adequate assurances required.

58-14-16.26    Documents that must be provided to the division.

58-14-16.27    Prompt payment practices.

58-14-16.28    List or reciprocal jurisdictions to be published.

58-14-16.29    List of assuming insurers.

58-14-16.30    Assuming insurers that no longer meet one or more requirements.

58-14-16.31    Procedure for denying statement credit.

58-14-16.32    Assuming insurers in receivership.

58-14-16.33    Effective date for reinsurers in reciprocal jurisdictions.

58-14-16.34    Application of reciprocal jurisdiction laws.

58-14-17    Promulgation of rules.

58-14-18    Application of reinsurance provisions.

58-14-19    "Substantially similar" defined.

58-14-20    Disallowal of credit or deduction.

58-14-21    "Reinsurer" defined--Examination of reinsurer.

58-14-22    Application of chapter.

58-14-23    "Qualified United States financial institution" defined for eligibility to act as fiduciary of a trust.

58-14-24    Definition of terms.

58-14-25    Persons not agents.

58-14-26    License required to sell, solicit, negotiate, or place reinsurance.

58-14-27    Agent or broker bond--Errors and omissions policy.

58-14-28    Refusal to license--Reasons.

58-14-29    Written contract between agent or broker and insurer or reinsurer.

58-14-30    Records of reinsurance contracts.

58-14-31    Insurer or reinsurer to employ only licensed agent or broker.

58-14-32    Approval and filing of contract.

58-14-33    Additional provisions of contract.

58-14-34    Handling of reinsurer.

58-14-35    Restrictions on agent.

58-14-36    Loss reserves--Actuary's opinion--Employee of agent or broker not to be appointed to reinsurer's board of directors.

58-14-37    Examination of agent or broker--Cost.

58-14-38    Penalty for violation.

58-14-39    Rights of third party.

58-14-40    Adoption of rules.

58-14-41    Compliance with and application of §§ 58-14-24 to 58-14-42.

58-14-42    Qualified United States financial institution.

58-14-43    Restrictions on brokers connected to a firm or association.

58-14-44    Restrictions on who may act as agent.