58-15-1    Application of chapter.

58-15-2    "Industrial life insurance" defined.

58-15-3    Investment of trust funds in life insurance and annuities.

58-15-4    Standard provisions required in policy of life insurance, exceptions.

58-15-5    Standard provisions inapplicable to annuity contract or health or accident benefits.

58-15-6    Standard provisions inapplicable to single premium or term policies.

58-15-7    Description of policy in title.

58-15-8    Entire contract contained in policy and application--Statement of applicant not deemed a warranty.

58-15-8.1    Notice of right of cancellation after receipt of policy--"Free look" provision.

58-15-8.2    Issuance of policies by insurance company or fraternal benefit society--Delivery receipts--Certificates of mailing--Term of retention.

58-15-9    Effect of misstatement in policy regarding age.

58-15-10    Incontestability provision required--Exceptions.

58-15-11    Exclusions and restrictions unaffected by incontestability clause.

58-15-12    Payment of premiums provision.

58-15-13    Grace period in policy.

58-15-14    Automatic premium loan--Provision optional with insurer.

58-15-15    Insurance policy loan--Security--Maximum amount--Private placement policies.

58-15-15.1    58-15-15.1, 58-15-15.2. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 358, §§ 11, 12

58-15-15.3    58-15-15.3. Repealed by SL 1983, ch 13, § 14

58-15-15.4    Insurance policy loan--Definition of terms.

58-15-15.5    "Published monthly average" defined.

58-15-15.6    Insurance policy loan--Permitted interest rates.

58-15-15.7    Insurance policy loan--Allowable rate under adjustable maximum interest rate.

58-15-15.8    Insurance policy loan--Determination of interest under adjustable maximum interest rate.

58-15-15.9    Insurance policy loan--Notice of interest rate to policyholder.

58-15-15.10    Insurance policy loan--Loan value of policy.

58-15-15.11    Insurance policy loan--Provisions of statutes required in policies.

58-15-15.12    Insurance policy loan--Application of statutes on interest rates to prior contracts.

58-15-15.13    Private placement policy defined.

58-15-15.14    Premium defined.

58-15-16    Loans on policies issued prior to the adoption of standard policy provisions--Loan value--Deferment of application--Private placement policies.

58-15-17    Loans on policies under standard policy provisions--Loan value--Deferment of application--Private placement policies.

58-15-18    Loan value of policy--Indebtedness deducted.

58-15-19    Delinquent interest on policy loan exceeding amount of loan value--Termination of policy, notice.

58-15-20    Policy loan provisions inapplicable to term insurance or industrial life insurance policies.

58-15-21    Nonforfeiture of benefits--Cash surrender value--Provisions required in policies.

58-15-22    Reinstatement provisions required in policy.

58-15-23    Participating policies--Annual dividends, ascertainment, and apportionment.

58-15-24    Participating policies--Rights of policyholder to dividends.

58-15-25    Participating industrial life insurance policies--Annual participation of policy in divisible surplus.

58-15-26    Payment of claims for benefits--Private placement policies.

58-15-26.1    Insurers to pay interest on life insurance proceeds.

58-15-26.2    Computation of interest.

58-15-26.3    Interest not required where beneficiary elects to receive other than lump sum payment.

58-15-26.4    Notice to beneficiary of interest.

58-15-26.5    Application limited.

58-15-27    Beneficiary to be designated in industrial life policy--Change of beneficiary--Endorsement on policy.

58-15-28    Industrial life policy--Payment of benefits.

58-15-29    Installment payments--Table of guaranteed installments required.

58-15-30    Nonforfeiture benefits in policies issued prior to the adoption of standard nonforfeiture law.

58-15-31    Nonforfeiture benefits in policies issued under standard nonforfeiture law.

58-15-32    Nonforfeiture benefit provisions which may be omitted--Deferred payment of cash surrender value--Private placement policies.

58-15-33    Cash surrender value--Amount available under policy on default of premium--Paid-up policy.

58-15-34    Paid-up nonforfeiture benefits--Default in payment of premium.

58-15-35    Adjustment of premiums under nonforfeiture provisions.

58-15-36    Amount of insurance varying with duration of policy--Adjustment of premiums.

58-15-37    Adjusted premiums--Term insurance benefits provided by rider or supplemental policy.

58-15-38    Adjusted premiums and present values--Computation.

58-15-39    Default in payment of premium--Computation of cash surrender value and paid-up nonforfeiture benefit.

58-15-40    Additional accident benefits--Premiums disregarded in ascertaining cash surrender value.

58-15-41    Nonforfeiture benefit provision inapplicable to reinsurance, group insurance, annuity contracts, or term insurance.

58-15-42    Notice by company of election to comply with nonforfeiture benefit provisions--Filing with director.

58-15-43    Citation of standard nonforfeiture law for life insurance.

58-15-43.1    Adjusted premiums--Calculation on annual basis.

58-15-43.2    "Nonforfeiture net level premium" defined.

58-15-43.3    Initial calculation of changes in benefits or premiums--Recalculation after change.

58-15-43.4    Recalculated future adjusted premiums.

58-15-43.5    Additional expense allowance.

58-15-43.6    Recalculated nonforfeiture net level premium.

58-15-43.7    Substandard policy--Calculation of adjusted premiums and present value.

58-15-43.8    Adjusted premiums and present values--Calculation--Applicable procedures and tables.

58-15-43.9    Nonforfeiture interest rate.

58-15-43.10    Refiling of nonforfeiture values or methods of computation.

58-15-43.11    Notice of election to comply with revised nonforfeiture.

58-15-43.12    Insurance plans to conform to minimum standards of nonforfeiture laws.

58-15-43.13    Default in payment of premium--Amount of cash surrender value--Amount of nonforfeiture factor--Policies issued after January 1, 1986.

58-15-44    Dating back of application for insurance to reduce premium prohibited--Contract not invalidated.

58-15-45    Excluding or restricting coverage in case of death--Permissible exclusions.

58-15-46    Excluding or restricting coverage in case of death--Return of premiums, adjustment for indebtedness and dividend credits.

58-15-47    Prohibited policy provisions--Person soliciting insurance or annuity insurance producer of insured.

58-15-48    Prohibited policy provisions--Construction of contract according to laws of other state or country.

58-15-49    Prohibited policy provisions--Rights and obligations of insured under contract governed by law of other state.

58-15-50    Prohibited policy provisions--Depriving courts of jurisdiction of action against insurer.

58-15-51    Limitation of action on policy--Minimum time.

58-15-52    Prohibited policy provisions inapplicable to group life insurance, health insurance, reinsurance, annuities, and accident benefits under life insurance policy.

58-15-53    Use of prohibited policy provision which is more favorable to insured.

58-15-54    Prohibited policy provisions in industrial life insurance--Denial of liability because of other insurance.

58-15-55    Prohibited policy provisions in industrial life insurance--Right to declare policy void because of disease or ailment of insured.

58-15-56    Prohibited policy provisions in industrial life insurance--Right to declare policy void because insured rejected for insurance.

58-15-57    Annuity and endowment contracts--Standard provisions required, exceptions.

58-15-58    Standard provisions of annuity and endowment contracts inapplicable to deferred annuities under life insurance policies.

58-15-59    Annuities and endowments--Entire agreement contained in contract and application.

58-15-59.1    Right of annuitant or purchaser to cancel after receipt of contract--Effect of cancellation.

58-15-59.2    Issuance of policies by insurance company or fraternal benefit society--Delivery receipts--Certificates of mailing--Term of retention.

58-15-60    Effect of misstatement of age or sex in annuity or endowment contract.

58-15-61    Incontestability provision in annuity or endowment contract.

58-15-62    Grace period in annuity or endowment contract.

58-15-63    Participating annuity or endowment contract--Ascertainment and apportionment of divisible surplus.

58-15-64    Reinstatement provision required in annuity or endowment contract.

58-15-65    Reversionary annuity contract--Standard provisions.

58-15-66    Reinstatement provision required in reversionary annuity contract.

58-15-67    Reversionary annuity contract provisions inapplicable to group annuities or to annuities included in life insurance policies.

58-15-68    Incontestability provisions after reinstatement of life insurance policy or annuity contract.

58-15-69    Reinstated life insurance policy or annuity contract--Limitation of liability.

58-15-70    Policy settlements by life insurer.

58-15-71    Life insurance policy--Restrictions on issuing and delivering.

58-15-72    58-15-72 to 58-15-81. Repealed by SL 2004, ch 299, § 1

58-15-82    Uniform life insurance and annuity request forms--Director to adopt by rule--Insurers to accept.

58-15-83    Plans excluded from application of §§ 58-15-83 to 58-15-93, inclusive.

58-15-84    Provisions required in annuity contracts.

58-15-85    Minimum values based on minimum nonforfeiture amounts--Minimum nonforfeiture amounts defined.

58-15-86    Present value of paid-up annuity benefit--Computation.

58-15-87    Cash surrender benefits--Calculation of minimum--Death benefit.

58-15-88    Contracts without cash surrender benefits--Contracts not providing death benefits prior to commencement of payments--Present value calculations.

58-15-89    Election to have payments commence at optional maturity date--Maturity date used for calculation of benefits.

58-15-90    Contracts without cash surrender benefits or death benefits at least equal to minimum nonforfeiture amount--Statement in contract.

58-15-91    Lapse of time and payments beyond cessation year allowed for calculations.

58-15-92    Annuity and life insurance benefits in excess of greater of cash surrender benefits or return of gross considerations with interest--Minimum nonforfeiture benefits--Additional benefits.

58-15-93    Election to apply provisions of §§ 58-15-83 to 58-15-93 to annuity contracts--Application of provisions after second anniversary.

58-15-94    Applicability of §§ 58-15-94 to 58-15-108.

58-15-95    Definition of terms regarding identification and location of beneficiaries.

58-15-96    Comparison of policies, annuity contracts, and retained asset accounts against DMF.

58-15-97    Semi-annual comparison of lapsed policies, annuity contracts, and retained asset accounts against updated DMF.

58-15-98    Procedures for DMF comparisons--Validation of match.

58-15-99    Exemption of insurer for financial hardship.

58-15-100    Requirements upon receipt of information establishing knowledge of death.

58-15-101    Beneficiary search.

58-15-102    Disclosure of information to assist in search.

58-15-103    Search fees and costs not chargeable to beneficiary.

58-15-104    Provision of claim forms or instructions to beneficiaries.

58-15-105    Request for information about beneficiaries.

58-15-106    Compliance documentation.

58-15-107    Promulgation of rules regarding identification and location of beneficiaries.

58-15-108    Compliance with unclaimed property act.