58-16-1    Forms of group life insurance permitted.

58-16-2    Employee group insurance permitted--Beneficiaries.

58-16-3    Employees eligible for group insurance.

58-16-3.1    Group life insurance authorized for groups to which group health insurance may be issued.

58-16-4    Supplemental life coverage.

58-16-5    58-16-5. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 288, § 2

58-16-6    Employee group insurance--Payment of premium.

58-16-7    Labor union group insurance permitted.

58-16-8    Labor union groups--Members of union eligible.

58-16-9    Labor union groups--Amounts based upon plan precluding individual selection.

58-16-10    Labor union groups--Minimum number of members required.

58-16-11    Labor union group--Payment of premium.

58-16-12    Industry fund groups--Insurance of employees or members of unions.

58-16-12.1    Classes of industry permitted to form groups.

58-16-13    Industry fund groups--Issuance to commercial correspondent prohibited, exception.

58-16-14    Industry fund groups--Persons eligible for insurance.

58-16-15    58-16-15. Repealed by SL 2008, ch 262, § 3.

58-16-16    Industry fund groups--Minimum number of persons required to be insured.

58-16-17    Industry fund groups--Payment of premium.

58-16-18    Insurance of employees or members of group against death of dependents.

58-16-19    Payment of premium on extended group coverage.

58-16-20    Amount of insurance on dependents based upon plan precluding individual selection.

58-16-21    Termination of group life policy extended to dependents--Issuance of individual policy to spouse, application and payment of premium.

58-16-22    Group life policy extended to dependents--One certificate issued to insured person.

58-16-23    Issuance of group life policy to creditor--Purpose.

58-16-24    Debtors eligible for insurance under group life policy--Policy may define "debtor".

58-16-25    Number of insureds required for group coverage of debtors--Evidence of insurability--Age exclusions.

58-16-26    Payment of premium for group coverage of debtors.

58-16-27    Amount of insurance on life of debtor limited.

58-16-28    Maximum amount repayable in installments to creditor--Duration of insurance--Limited to amount of unpaid indebtedness.

58-16-29    Payment to policyholder as reduction of indebtedness.

58-16-30    Association groups--Insurance of members--Minimum number of members required.

58-16-31    Standard provisions required for group life insurance policies, exceptions.

58-16-32    Copy of application attached to policy--Statements of insured not warranties--Statement by insured, use in contest.

58-16-33    Misstatement of age of insured--Equitable adjustments of premiums or benefits.

58-16-34    Evidence of individual insurability--Right of insurer to require.

58-16-35    Incontestability provision required--Exceptions.

58-16-36    Grace period required.

58-16-37    Required statement of benefits furnished to insured debtors.

58-16-38    Certificate to be delivered to insured.

58-16-38.1    Assignment of policy not prohibited--Rights vested in assignee.

58-16-39    Termination of employment or membership causing policy to cease--Issuance of individual policy to person entitled thereto, application and payment of premium.

58-16-40    Termination of group policy--Issuance of individual policy to insured person, amount of policy.

58-16-41    Effect of death of person insured under group policy during period in which entitled to individual policy.

58-16-42    Payment of death benefit--Designated beneficiary--Person incurring expenses incident to last illness or death.

58-16-43    Chapter inapplicable to prior policies.

58-16-44    Insurers to pay interest on life insurance proceeds.

58-16-45    Computation of interest.

58-16-46    Interest not required where beneficiary elects to receive other than lump sum payment.

58-16-47    Notice to beneficiary of interest.

58-16-48    Application limited.

58-16-49    Carrier and group-type basis defined.

58-16-50    Application of §§ 58-16-49 to 58-16-54.

58-16-51    Discontinuance of group life insurance policies.

58-16-52    Notice of discontinuance.

58-16-53    Extension of benefits at discontinuance in the event of total disability.

58-16-54    Responsibilities of prior carrier and succeeding carrier upon discontinuance.