58-2-1    58-2-1. Superseded.

58-2-1.1    Division within Department of Labor and Regulation--Direction and supervision by department--Independent functions retained by division.

58-2-2    58-2-2. Superseded.

58-2-2.1    Appointment of director--Removal.

58-2-3    Qualifications of director.

58-2-4    58-2-4 to 58-2-8. Obsolete.

58-2-9    Legal adviser to division--Employment--Duties.

58-2-10    Actuaries--Employment by department--Duties.

58-2-11    Examiners for examination of insurers and others--Employment by department.

58-2-12    Oath of office and bond of director--Bonds of insurance examiners, actuaries, and attorney for division--Bond premiums paid from state insurance fund.

58-2-13    Chief clerk and employees--Appointment.

58-2-14    Division personnel--Termination of employment by department.

58-2-15    Actuarial, technical, or other professional services--Department authorized to contract for on a fee or part-time basis.

58-2-16    Technical or professional personnel--Bond required, amount, approval and filing, payment of premium.

58-2-17    Compensation of personnel.

58-2-18    Additional compensation for services rendered by personnel prohibited--Misdemeanor.

58-2-19    Interests of personnel in insurance transactions prohibited--Misdemeanor.

58-2-20    Procurement of loan secured by mortgage on real estate permitted to division personnel.

58-2-21    Enforcement of provisions of this title.

58-2-22    Power and authority of director--Examinations and investigations.

58-2-23    Additional powers and duties of director provided by other laws.

58-2-24    Delegation of powers by director.

58-2-25    58-2-25. Repealed by SL 1978, ch 359, § 10.

58-2-26    Records--Keeping by director--Public inspection.

58-2-27    Director's certificate of authority--Evidence.

58-2-28    Certified copies of records in office of director as evidence.

58-2-29    Fees, licenses, and charges--Collection by director in advance.

58-2-30    Disposition of money received by director.

58-2-31    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 252, § 31.

58-2-32    58-2-32 to 58-2-38. Repealed by SL 1996, ch 288, §§ 1 to 7.

58-2-39    Promulgation of rules regarding definitions, enrollment, disclosure, notice, claims, and records.

58-2-40    Promulgation of rules to protect privacy of medical records.

58-2-41    Promulgation of rules to protect privacy of personal nonpublic financial information--Applicability--Construction.