58-24-1    Purpose of chapter.

58-24-2    Application of chapter.

58-24-3    Insurance to which chapter does not apply.

58-24-4    Making of rates--Provisions governing.

58-24-5    Excessive, inadequate, or discriminatory rates prohibited.

58-24-6    Making of rates--Matters considered.

58-24-6.1    Failure of rate to reflect difference in expected losses and expenses as unfair discrimination--Averaged group rates not unfairly discriminatory.

58-24-7    Risks grouped by classification for rate-making--Modification of classification rates.

58-24-8    System of expense provisions used in rate-making--Reflection of operating methods.

58-24-9    Uniformity as to rates not required.

58-24-10    Filing of rates with director--Effective date--Character and extent of coverage--Exceptions.

58-24-10.1    Rating rules required to be filed with director--Filing date--Supporting information required.

58-24-10.2    Rate information required to be filed prior to effective date on finding that closer supervision is required--Extension of waiting period--Approval or disapproval.

58-24-11    58-24-11. Repealed by SL 2004, ch 307, § 9

58-24-12    Satisfaction of insurer's obligations by becoming member of or subscriber to licensed rating organization.

58-24-13    Information furnished in support of filing.

58-24-14    Filing open to public inspection--Specially rated inland marine risks.

58-24-15    Review of filings by director.

58-24-16    58-24-16. Repealed by SL 2006, ch 260, § 2.

58-24-17    Filing with respect to specially rated risks--Effective date.

58-24-18    Disapproval of filing prohibited if rates meet requirements.

58-24-19    Disapproval of filings by director--Notice--Contents.

58-24-20    Disapproval of filing with respect to specially rated risks--Notice, contents.

58-24-21    Effect of finding and order that filing does not comply with chapter.

58-24-22    Request by aggrieved party for hearing on filing--Grounds for application.

58-24-23    Hearing on filing--Action by director--Notice of hearing.

58-24-24    Finding that filing does not comply--Order discontinuing filing--Effective date.

58-24-25    Issuance of contract or policy contrary to filings prohibited--Inland marine risks excepted.

58-24-26    Excess rate approved for specific risk--Filing application.

58-24-27    Assigned risks--Reasonable rate modifications.

58-24-28    Information to be furnished insureds.

58-24-29    Right of insured to hearing on application of rating system.

58-24-30    Appeal to director from rating organization or insurer--Affirmance or reversal of action.

58-24-31    Recording and reporting of loss and experience--Rules and statistical plans of director.

58-24-32    58-24-32. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 22, § 35

58-24-33    Exchange of information and experience data with other states--Consultation as to rate-making.

58-24-34    Withholding of or giving false or misleading information--Penalties.

58-24-35    Application for license as rating organization--Contents.

58-24-36    Issuance of license--Finding by director--Time for granting or denying application.

58-24-37    Duration of rating organization license--Fee.

58-24-38    Suspension or revocation of license.

58-24-39    Notice to director of change in license application information.

58-24-40    Subscribers to rating services--Rules of rating organization.

58-24-41    Review by director of reasonableness of rule or refusal to admit insurer as subscriber.

58-24-42    Order affirming action of rating organization.

58-24-43    Actuarial, technical, or other services provided to subscribers.

58-24-44    Examination of evidences of insurance or cancellation--Rules as to submission--Information confidential.

58-24-45    Regulation of payment of dividends, savings, or unabsorbed premium deposits prohibited.

58-24-45.1    Group insurance marketing permitted--Conditions.

58-24-46    Cooperation between organizations and insurers authorized--Review of cooperative activities by director.

58-24-47    Appeal to director from action of rating organization--Hearing--Order.

58-24-48    Appeal based on failure to file for different expense system--Application of rate-making standards.

58-24-49    Application of insurer to file deviation--Basis for modification--Copy to rating organization.

58-24-50    Deviations to be uniform within class.

58-24-51    Criteria considered on application for deviation--Order permitting or denying deviation.

58-24-52    Duration of permitted deviation.

58-24-53    Advisory organization license required.

58-24-54    Advisory organization filing requirements.

58-24-55    Unfair or unreasonable advisory organization practices--Order requiring discontinuance.

58-24-56    Filings based on information furnished by noncompliant advisory organization prohibited--Order requiring discontinuance.

58-24-57    Insurers engaging in joint underwriting or joint reinsurance subject to regulation.

58-24-58    Unfair or unreasonable practices of joint underwriters or joint reinsurers--Order requiring discontinuance.

58-24-59    Examination of rating organizations, advisory organizations, joint underwriters, and joint reinsurers--Acceptance of report of official of another state.

58-24-60    58-24-60. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 22, § 36

58-24-61    Violation of chapter--Penalties.

58-24-62    Suspension of license of rating organization or insurer.

58-24-63    Written order of director for imposition of penalty and suspension of license--Hearing, notice, findings.

58-24-64    Request for hearing on order or decision--Notice--Affirmance, reversal, or modification.

58-24-65    Rehearing and appeal from order of director.

58-24-66    Notice required for filing for workers' compensation insurance.

58-24-67    Notice to workers' compensation purchaser organizations.

58-24-68    Exempt commercial policyholder--Definition.

58-24-69    "Risk manager" defined.

58-24-70    Exemption from rate and form filing requirements for policy issued to exempt commercial policyholder--Disclosure requirements.

58-24-71    Third-party consultant disclosure requirements.

58-24-72    Promulgation of rules.

58-24-73    Insurer to maintain and provide copies of disclosures--Examination.

58-24-74    Insurer to maintain records relating to insurance sales to exempt commercial policyholder--Examination by director.

58-24-75    Premium increase prohibited for certain accidents involving law enforcement, emergency, or snow removal personnel--Exception.