58-28-1    58-28-1 to 58-28-12. Repealed by SL 1971, ch 266, § 6

58-28-13    Life insurers authorized to establish separate accounts--Allocations to provide insurance or annuities.

58-28-14    Approval required to maintain guaranteed benefits and funds in separate account.

58-28-15    Securities in which investment authorized--Not considered in applying company's investment limitations.

58-28-16    Gains and losses from allocated assets credited or charged to separate account.

58-28-17    Ownership by insurer--Not a trustee.

58-28-18    Separate account not chargeable with liabilities from other business.

58-28-19    Voting and other rights accorded to beneficiaries of accounts.

58-28-20    Restrictions on transfers between accounts.

58-28-21    Valuation of assets allocated to account.

58-28-22    Valuation of portion of assets equal to reserve liability.

58-28-23    Contract to state procedure for determining amount of variable benefits.

58-28-24    Statement included as to variability of benefits.

58-28-24.1    Right of annuitant to cancel--Refund by insurer.

58-28-24.2    Issuance of policies by insurance company or fraternal benefit society--Delivery receipts--Certificates of mailing--Term of retention.

58-28-25    Approval by director required for variable contracts.

58-28-26    Factors considered by director in examining variable contracts.

58-28-27    Affiliated insurer measured by factors applicable to parent.

58-28-28    Grace, reinstatement, and nonforfeiture provisions required.

58-28-29    Actuarial standards for reserve liability on variable contracts.

58-28-30    General insurance law applicable--Exceptions.

58-28-31    Regulation of variable contracts by director--Rules--Review of contracts--Disclosure document.

58-28-32    Deferment of variable death benefits payment--Time period--State of emergency.

58-28-33    Promulgation of rules relating to variable life insurance policies--Uniformity--Limitations.