58-29B-1    Citation of chapter.

58-29B-2    Scope.

58-29B-3    Definition of terms.

58-29B-4    Delinquency proceedings sole and exclusive remedy--Commencement of proceedings by director.

58-29B-5    Commencement of proceedings despite lack of notice to insurer.

58-29B-6    Grounds for personal jurisdiction.

58-29B-7    Venue of proceedings.

58-29B-8    Receiver authorized to grant certain orders.

58-29B-9    Persons to cooperate in proceedings and preliminary investigations.

58-29B-10    Obstruction or interference in conduct of proceedings.

58-29B-11    Failure to cooperate--Obstruction or interference--Penalty.

58-29B-12    Directors and deputies responsible for official bonds--Source of payment.

58-29B-13    Proceedings commenced prior to enactment of chapter.

58-29B-13.1    Service of appropriate orders by director.

58-29B-14    Director's determination of continuation of business hazardous--Notification of insurer.

58-29B-15    Supervision of insurer--Appointment of supervisor--Certain acts by insurer prohibited--Costs.

58-29B-16    Insurer to comply with director's requirements--Time period--Failure to comply.

58-29B-17    Hearings--Notice and procedure.

58-29B-18    Request for hearing--Request not to stay order.

58-29B-19    Waiver of hearing--Application for judicial relief--Judicial review of order after hearing.

58-29B-20    Requests for review of supervisor's actions.

58-29B-21    Violation of supervision order--Penalty.

58-29B-22    Application for necessary orders to enforce supervision order.

58-29B-23    Violation of valid orders--Personal liability for losses suffered by insurer--Commencement of action.

58-29B-24    Authority to file petition for seizure order--Grounds.

58-29B-25    Ex parte issuance of seizure order--Costs.

58-29B-26    Duration of order--Hearing to extend, shorten or modify--Vacation of order.

58-29B-27    Entry of order not anticipatory breach of insurer's contracts.

58-29B-28    Petition for review of order--Procedure.

58-29B-29    Notice to persons not present at hearing--Effect on previously issued order.

58-29B-30    Records to remain confidential--Exceptions.

58-29B-31    Application by director for rehabilitation of insurer--Grounds.

58-29B-32    Order of rehabilitation--Contents--Effect of filing or recording--Vesting of title--Accounting required.

58-29B-32.1    Appointment of deputies--Powers and responsibilities--Employment of counsel, clerks and assistants--Compensation--Advisory committee.

58-29B-32.2    Promulgation of rules for appointing committees.

58-29B-33    Authority of rehabilitator to reform and revitalize issuer.

58-29B-34    Authority to pursue legal remedies on insurer's behalf.

58-29B-35    Rehabilitator's plan for transformation--Application and grounds for approval--Procedure upon approval.

58-29B-36    Disposition of actions in which insurer a party pending when rehabilitation order entered.

58-29B-37    Petition for appointment of rehabilitator--Suspension of statute of limitations, laches--Time period for commencement of actions ripe when petition is filed.

58-29B-38    Guaranty associations--Standing to appear in rehabilitation proceedings.

58-29B-39    Rehabilitation futile--Petition for liquidation--Effect--Court to permit directors or insurers to defend.

58-29B-40    Termination of rehabilitation--Procedure--Payment of costs.

58-29B-41    Petition for liquidation--Grounds.

58-29B-42    Order of liquidation--Contents--Title vested in liquidator--Effect of filing or recording.

58-29B-42.1    Plan for continued performance of policy claim obligations during appeal of liquidation order.

58-29B-43    Rights and liabilities fixed upon issuance of order.

58-29B-44    Order to liquidate alien insurer domiciled in state--Effect.

58-29B-45    Declaration of insurer's insolvency--Procedure.

58-29B-46    Order of liquidation--Financial reports required--Annual filing.

58-29B-47    Effect of order upon policies in effect at time of issuance.

58-29B-48    Order to dissolve corporate existence--Procedure.

58-29B-49    Powers of liquidator.

58-29B-50    Enumeration in § 58-29B-49 not exclusive.

58-29B-50.1    Obligations of liquidator subsequent to entry of liquidation order.

58-29B-51    Notice of liquidation order.

58-29B-52    Duties of claimant upon notice of liquidation.

58-29B-53    Duties of insurance producer upon notice of liquidation.

58-29B-54    Failure of insurance producer to comply with § 58-29B-53--Penalty--Liquidator's waiver of duties.

58-29B-55    Appointment of liquidator--Effect upon actions and injunctions pending against insurer or liquidator--Liquidator's right to intervene.

58-29B-56    Time periods in which liquidator may act for or institute action on behalf of insurer.

58-29B-57    Petition for liquidation--Suspension of statute of limitations, laches--Time period for commencement of actions ripe when petition filed.

58-29B-58    Guaranty associations--Standing to appear in liquidation proceedings.

58-29B-59    Liquidator to prepare list of insurer's assets--Filing requirements.

58-29B-60    Reduction of assets to appropriate degree.

58-29B-61    "Fraudulent transfers" defined--Avoidance by receiver--Acceptance or preservation of transfer.

58-29B-61.1    Liability of beneficiary of fraudulent transfer.

58-29B-62    Fraudulent transfers between insurer and reinsurer--Grounds for avoidance by receiver.

58-29B-63    Transfers of insurer's real property after petition filed--Recording of copy of petition as constructive notice.

58-29B-64    Validity of transfers after petitions filed and before receiver takes possession or order granted.

58-29B-65    No impairment of negotiability.

58-29B-66    "Preference" defined.

58-29B-67    Preference--Avoidance by liquidator.

58-29B-68    Preference voidable--Consequences.

58-29B-69    When transfer of property other than real property deemed made or suffered.

58-29B-70    When transfer of real property deemed made or suffered.

58-29B-71    Transfer creating equitable lien--Conditions prohibiting perfection.

58-29B-72    Transfer not perfected prior to filing of petition deemed made before filing of successful petition.

58-29B-73    Sections 58-29B-69 to 58-29B-72 applicable despite certain creditors or potential bona fide purchasers.

58-29B-74    "Lien by legal or equitable proceedings upon simple contract" defined.

58-29B-75    Lien by legal or equitable proceedings--Superiority to rights of transferee.

58-29B-76    Transfer for or on account of new and contemporaneous consideration--Transfer to secure future loan--Effects.

58-29B-77    Voidable lien dissolved--Indemnifying transfer or lien deemed voidable.

58-29B-78    Property affected by voidable lien discharge--That and indemnifying property pass to liquidator--Exception.

58-29B-79    Summary jurisdiction of Hughes county circuit court--Notice--Valuation of certain property or liens--Election of transferee or lienholder.

58-29B-80    Extent of surety discharge under releasing bond or similar obligation.

58-29B-81    Preferred creditor--Setoff for new credit issued in good faith.

58-29B-82    Transfers by insurer to attorney for services within four months of filing petition--Examination by court.

58-29B-83    Conditions creating personal liability to liquidator for amount of preference.

58-29B-84    Claims of creditor who has received or acquired a voidable preference, lien, conveyance, transfer, assignment, or encumbrance.

58-29B-85    Filing of claims under § 58-29B-84.

58-29B-86    Mutual debts or credits between insurer and another set off.

58-29B-87    Setoff or counterclaim not allowed.

58-29B-88    Liquidator's report to court--Time limit--Content.

58-29B-89    Court to levy assessments--Amount.

58-29B-90    Issuance of show cause order upon failure to pay assessment.

58-29B-91    Notice of show cause order.

58-29B-92    Failure to appear and serve objections on or before return day of order--Procedure on timely appearance.

58-29B-93    Enforcement of order or judgment under § 58-29B-92.

58-29B-94    No reductions in amounts recoverable from reinsurers--Exception--Payments.

58-29B-94.1    Association election to succeed to rights and obligations of insolvent insurer under reinsurance contract--Reinsurer's liability to pay claims.

58-29B-95    No liability for unearned premiums or uncollected earned premiums before declaration of insolvency--Recovery of unearned premium representing commission--Credits or setoffs--Obligations of uninsured.

58-29B-96    Course of action upon violation of § 58-29B-95--Director's options.

58-29B-97    Notice and hearings required before impositions of penalties.

58-29B-98    Application for approval of proposal to disburse assets.

58-29B-99    Proposal to disburse assets--Contents.

58-29B-100    Amounts for disbursements to associations.

58-29B-101    Insolvent insurer writing life or health insurance or annuities--Liquidator to include disbursements to guaranty in proposal.

58-29B-102    Notice of application for approval of proposal.

58-29B-103    Filing proof of claims--Exceptions.

58-29B-104    Circumstances under which claimant making late filing may share in distributions.

58-29B-105    Certain late filing claims of guaranty association--Right to share in distributions.

58-29B-106    Treatment of late claims not covered by § 58-29B-104.

58-29B-107    Proof of claim--Contents.

58-29B-108    Failure to provide necessary information--Liquidator may require prescribed forms and additional information.

58-29B-109    Liquidator may request or otherwise obtain additional information or evidence.

58-29B-110    Judgment or order not evidence of liability or quantum of damages.

58-29B-111    Claims of guaranty associations--Form and content.

58-29B-112    Third party's claim contingent on judgment against insured--Consideration.

58-29B-113    Contingent claims allowed.

58-29B-114    Treatment of claims due except for passage of time.

58-29B-115    Claims made under employment contracts by directors or similar personnel--Limit on payment.

58-29B-116    Third party claim against insured of insurer in liquidation filed with liquidator--Insured's filing--Late filing.

58-29B-117    Allowance of insured's claim--Liquidator's recommendations to court--Sums withheld--Procedures upon allowance.

58-29B-118    Several claims founded upon one policy--Disposition--Prohibited claims.

58-29B-119    Liquidator to give written notice of denial of claim--Objections.

58-29B-120    Hearing upon objections--Notice--Referee may conduct.

58-29B-121    Creditor's claim secured by "other person"--Subrogation--Right to distribution.

58-29B-122    Valuation of security held by secured creditor.

58-29B-123    Valuation made under supervision of court--Treatment of deficiency and surrender of security.

58-29B-124    Priority and order of distribution of claims from insurer's estate.

58-29B-125    Review, investigation and negotiation of claims by liquidator--Exception--Report to court.

58-29B-126    Court approval, disapproval, or modification of report.

58-29B-127    Distributions by liquidator under court direction--Manner of payment.

58-29B-128    Disposition of unclaimed funds subject to distribution.

58-29B-129    Disposition of funds not distributed.

58-29B-130    Application for discharge.

58-29B-131    Petition to reopen proceedings for good cause.

58-29B-132    Recommendation and direction for retention or disposal of insurer's records.

58-29B-133    Audits of receivership books.

58-29B-134    Director's application to act as conservator--Grounds.

58-29B-135    Issuance of order allowing director to act as conservator--Filing--Notice imparted.

58-29B-136    Petition to liquidate assets of foreign or alien insurer.

58-29B-137    Termination of conservation of insurer.

58-29B-138    Director's application to liquidate assets of foreign or alien insurer--Grounds.

58-29B-139    Notice of orders sought under § 58-29B-134 or 58-29B-138.

58-29B-140    Order to liquidate in whatever terms court deems appropriate--Filing--Notice imparted.

58-29B-141    Domiciliary receiver, conservator, or liquidator appointed while liquidation proceeding--Duty to act as ancillary receiver.

58-29B-142    Director's application to act as receiver--Grounds.

58-29B-143    Payment of resident's claims against foreign or alien insurer.

58-29B-144    Domiciliary receiver, conservator, or liquidator of insurer domiciled in reciprocal state--Title vested--Date of vesting.

58-29B-145    Domiciliary liquidator for insurer not domiciled in reciprocal state--Title vested--Timing--Petition for conservation or liquidation.

58-29B-146    Resident claimants--With whom and when to file.

58-29B-147    Domiciliary receiver, conservator, or liquidator appointed for alien insurer--Appointment as ancillary receiver.

58-29B-148    Court may appoint ancillary receiver on terms deemed appropriate--Filing--Notice imparted.

58-29B-149    Duties and powers of ancillary receiver when domiciliary receiver, conservator, or liquidator appointed in reciprocal state.

58-29B-150    Duties and powers of ancillary receivers, conservators, or liquidators when domiciliary liquidator appointed in this state.

58-29B-151    Director may institute proceedings under §§ 58-29B-13 to 58-29B-30.

58-29B-152    Liquidation proceeding against insurer domiciled in state--Claimants residing in foreign countries or states not reciprocal--Filing.

58-29B-153    Proof of claims of residents in reciprocal states.

58-29B-154    Proceeding in reciprocal state against domiciled insurer--Filing.

58-29B-155    Proof of claims of South Dakota residents--Elections--Procedure.

58-29B-156    Final allowance by state courts conclusive as to amount and priority.

58-29B-157    Attachment, garnishment, levy of execution prohibited during receivership, conservatorship, or liquidation proceedings.

58-29B-158    Domiciliary state's order of distribution controls claims of residents of this and reciprocal states.

58-29B-159    Owners of special deposit claims--Priority--Deficiencies in deposit.

58-29B-160    Owner of secured claim--Elections.

58-29B-161    Ancillary receiver's failure to transfer certain assets.