58-29D-1    Definition of terms.

58-29D-2    Administrator defined--Exceptions.

58-29D-3    Insurer defined.

58-29D-4    Written agreement between administrator and insurer.

58-29D-5    Provisions of written agreement.

58-29D-6    Termination of written agreement--Suspension of underwriting authority--Dispute.

58-29D-7    Status of payment of premiums and return premiums or claim payments to administrator.

58-29D-8    Recordkeeping by administrator.

58-29D-9    Director's access to administrator's records--Confidentiality.

58-29D-10    Insurer's ownership of administrator's records.

58-29D-11    Transfer of records to new administrator.

58-29D-12    Advertising--Approval of insurer.

58-29D-13    Insurer responsibility for procedures and administration of its programs--Review and audit of administrator.

58-29D-14    Fiduciary capacity of administrator--Accounting of underwriting transactions.

58-29D-15    Records of deposits and withdrawals from fiduciary account.

58-29D-16    Provisions in written agreement as to withdrawals from fiduciary account.

58-29D-17    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 252, § 37.

58-29D-18    Compensation of administrator.

58-29D-19    Notice of use of administrator to policyholder--Itemized charges--Disclosure of fees or commissions.

58-29D-20    Delivery of written communications from insurer.

58-29D-20.1    Annual report to employer of self-funded health benefit plan claims experience.

58-29D-21    Administrator's license or registration required.

58-29D-22    Application by administrator--Contents--Fee.

58-29D-22.1    Annual financial statement--Contents of application--Required audit.

58-29D-23    Inspection of applicant's contracts.

58-29D-24    Denial of license.

58-29D-25    Validity of license.

58-29D-26    Conditions not requiring license.

58-29D-27    Servicer of certain employee benefit plans--Exempt from licensure--Requirements.

58-29D-28    Notice of administrator's change in circumstance.

58-29D-29    Waiver of application requirements.

58-29D-30    Annual renewal of administrator--Fee--Lapse of license or registration.

58-29D-31    Grounds for denial, suspension, or revocation of license or registration.

58-29D-32    Immediate suspension of license--No notice required.

58-29D-32.1    Notice of denial of application or renewal--Request for hearing--Hearing on suspension or revocation--Notice.

58-29D-33    Money penalty in lieu of suspension or revocation.

58-29D-34    Promulgation of rules.