58-29E-8.1. Provision of information to a patient.

A pharmacy benefit manager may neither prohibit a pharmacist or pharmacy from, nor penalize a pharmacist or pharmacy for, informing a covered individual about:

(1)    The cost of a prescription drug;

(2)    The amount of reimbursement that the pharmacy will receive for dispensing the prescription drug;

(3)    The cost and clinical efficacy of a more affordable alternative prescription drug, if one is available; and

(4)    Any differential between the amount a covered individual would pay under the covered individual’s prescription drug benefit and a lower price the covered individual would pay for the prescription drug, if the covered individual obtained the prescription drug without making a claim for benefits on the covered individual’s prescription drug benefit.

Source: SL 2018, ch 281, § 1; SL 2023, ch 166, § 10.