58-29E-1    Definitions.

58-29E-2    Licensure requirement--Pharmacy benefit manager.

58-29E-3    Performance of duties--Good faith.

58-29E-4    Request for disclosure of rebates and other revenues.

58-29E-5    Permission to contact covered individual.

58-29E-6    Disclosure of rebates and other revenues--Confidentiality.

58-29E-7    Annual audit of pharmacy benefit manager authorized.

58-29E-7.1    Prohibition on publication or disclosure of information.

58-29E-8    Substitute drug--Dispensation.

58-29E-8.1    Provision of information to a patient.

58-29E-9    Rules--Content.

58-29E-10    Enforcement of chapter--Civil action.

58-29E-11     Repealed.

58-29E-12    Charging cost share that exceeds amount retained by pharmacy--Prohibition.

58-29E-13    Certain claims adjustments prohibited.

58-29E-14    Adjustment of claim due to error in adjudication permitted.

58-29E-15    Discrimination prohibited against pharmacy participating in health plan under Public Health Service Act.

58-29E-16    Prohibition regarding the assessment or collection of fees.

58-29E-17    Placement on a maximum allowable cost list--Requirements--Promulgation of rules.

58-29E-18    Duties--Pharmacy benefit manager.

58-29E-19    Reimbursement.

58-29E-20    Information to be disclosed--Division request.

58-29E-21    Licensure--Denial--Failure to provide information.