58-3-1    Examination of insurers--Scope.

58-3-1.1    "Company" defined.

58-3-2    Examination of alien insurer--Limited extent.

58-3-3    Applicant for initial certificate of authority to do insurance business in state--Examination by director.

58-3-3.1    Examination assessment fee--Insurance examination fund established for proceeds.

58-3-3.2    Payments from insurance examination fund.

58-3-3.3    Reimbursement to agents involved with insurance examinations--Insurer reimbursements.

58-3-3.4    Application of examination fund to farm mutual insurers and captive insurance companies.

58-3-4    Examination of foreign or alien insurer or rating organization by insurance supervisory official of another state--Examination by director unnecessary--Accreditation of examiner.

58-3-5    Examination of agents, managers, and promoters.

58-3-6    Place where examination conducted.

58-3-7    Information to be available--Cooperation of persons being examined.

58-3-7.1    Observance of guidelines and procedures by examiner.

58-3-7.2    Penalty upon refusal to submit to examination--Suspension, refusal of, or nonrenewal of, license.

58-3-7.3    Examination under oath--Authority of director or examiner.

58-3-7.4    Insurer's claim files subject to examination--File maintenance requirements.

58-3-8    Examination disclosing inadequate records--Correction of accounts.

58-3-9    Valuation of real estate involved in examination--Appraisers, appointment, prompt appraisal, report--Expense of appraisal, liability of person examined.

58-3-10    Examination reports required.

58-3-11    Contents of examination reports.

58-3-12    Examination reports--Copy to company examined--Review by director--Order.

58-3-12.1    Examinations other than financial examinations--Examination report--Optional or mandatory.

58-3-12.2    Market conduct examination--Draft examination report.

58-3-12.3    Draft examination report not governed by §§ 58-3-10 to 58-3-18.

58-3-12.4    Confidentiality of draft examination report.

58-3-13    Filed examination report admissible in evidence.

58-3-14    Withholding of report from public inspection.

58-3-15    Expenses of examination paid by person examined.

58-3-16    58-3-16. Repealed by SL 1977, ch 404, § 3

58-3-17    Order adopting examination report as final decision--Service--Affidavit of receipt.

58-3-18    Confidential investigative hearing--Inconsistencies in examination report.

58-3-19    Conducting hearing--Discovery.

58-3-20    Use of information discovered during examination for legal or regulatory action.

58-3-21    Disclosure of contents of examination report to insurance department or law enforcement agencies--Confidentiality.

58-3-22    Confidentiality of disclosed information--Exceptions--Access by National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

58-3-23    Preclusion of examiner--Grounds.

58-3-24    Liability of director or examiner--Liability for communicating or delivering information--Intent.

58-3-25    Implementation of examination report's recommendations.

58-3-26    Promulgation of rules for examination.

58-3-27    Application of chapter.