58-30-217.1. Certain acts not unfair trade practices.

The following acts are not unfair trade practices under this chapter or chapter 58-33:

(1)    If travel insurance is marketed directly to a consumer through an insurer’s website or by others through an aggregator site, it shall not be an unfair trade practice or other violation of law where an accurate summary of coverage is provided on the web page, so long as the consumer has access to the full provisions of the policy through electronic means; and

(2)    If a consumer’s destination jurisdiction requires insurance coverage, it shall not be an unfair trade practice to require that a consumer choose one of the following options as a condition of purchasing a trip or travel package:

(a)    Purchasing the coverage required by the destination jurisdiction through the travel retailer or limited lines travel insurance producer supplying the trip or travel package; or

(b)    Agreeing to obtain and provide proof of coverage that meets the destination jurisdiction’s requirements prior to departure.

Source: SL 2022, ch 185, § 10.