58-33A-25.2. Annuity training course providers--Training requirements of other states.

Each course provider intending to comply with § 58-33A-25.1 shall cover all subjects listed in § 58-33A-25.1. No provider of such course may present any marketing information or provide training on sales techniques or provide specific information about a particular insurer's products. Additional subjects may be offered in conjunction with and in addition to the required subjects. Each provider of an annuity training course intending to comply with § 58-33A-25.1 shall register as a continuing education provider in this state and shall comply with the rules applicable to producer continuing education courses as set forth in chapter 58-30.

An annuity training course may be conducted and completed by classroom or self-study methods. Each provider of annuity training shall comply with the reporting requirements and shall issue certificates of completion in accordance with chapter 58-30. The satisfaction of the training requirements of another state that are substantially similar to the provisions of this section satisfy the training requirements of this section and § 58-33A-25.1. The satisfaction of the components of the training requirements of any course or courses with components substantially similar to § 58-33A-25.1 are be deemed to satisfy the training requirements.

Source: SL 2012, ch 250, § 12; SL 2022, ch 186, § 26, eff. Jan. 1, 2023.