58-33A-1    Applicability of chapter.

58-33A-2    Purpose of chapter.

58-33A-3    "Advertisement" defined.

58-33A-4    Certain material and communication not deemed to be advertisement.

58-33A-5    Outline of coverage to accompany all health insurance policies or subscriber contracts--Acknowledgment of receipt or certificate of delivery.

58-33A-6    Format and content of outline of coverage--"Format" defined--Outline of coverage requirements.

58-33A-7    Director authorized to promulgate rules--Scope of rules.

58-33A-8    Required disclosures to be clear and conspicuous.

58-33A-8.1    Disclosure of usual, customary, and reasonable limitation provision required.

58-33A-9    Buyer's guide and policy summary to be provided to all prospective life insurance purchasers--Illustration in lieu of policy summary--Director authorized to promulgate rules.

58-33A-10    Advertisements not to be deceptive or misleading--Standard to be used in determination.

58-33A-11    Insurer to maintain file of advertisements--Division may inspect files--Period for which files must be maintained.

58-33A-12    Director's prior approval may be required--Other remedies not precluded.

58-33A-13    Definitions.

58-33A-14    Recommendations to purchase or exchange annuities subject to requirements.

58-33A-15    Exemptions from requirements.

58-33A-16    Annuity--Best interest standard--Material control or influence.

58-33A-16.1    Annuity--Recommendation--Producer responsibilities.

58-33A-16.2    Recommendation--Producer responsibilities--Applicability and intent.

58-33A-16.3    Considerations for annuity replacement or exchange.

58-33A-16.4    Recommendation--Sale of annuity--Informed consumer.

58-33A-16.5    Recommendation--Sale of annuity--Disclosure to consumer.

58-33A-16.6    Additional disclosure upon request.

58-33A-16.7    Disclosure of producer conflicts of interest required--Certain factors excluded.

58-33A-17    Repealed.

58-33A-17.1    Repealed.

58-33A-18    Conditions resulting in no obligation to consumer.

58-33A-19    Reasonableness under circumstances known to insurer.

58-33A-19.1    Repealed.

58-33A-19.2    Producer obligations--Documentation--Time of recommendation or sale.

58-33A-19.3    Issuance by insurer to be reasonable and address consumer needs.

58-33A-20    Insurer's system for supervising recommendations.

58-33A-20.1    Contract for performance of supervision system functions--Responsibility for corrective action--Supervision of performance.

58-33A-20.2    Prohibited conduct by insurance producer.

58-33A-21    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 250, §§ 15 to 18.

58-33A-25    Compliance with comparable standards by financial professional.

58-33A-25.1    Insurance producer to have adequate knowledge of annuity product--Required training.

58-33A-25.2    Annuity training course providers--Training requirements of other states.

58-33A-25.3    Insurer to verify producer has completed annuity training course.

58-33A-25.4    Authorized insurance business--Other licenses.

58-33A-25.5    Definition of terms--Compliance with Conduct Rules.

58-33A-26    Corrective action for violations.

58-33A-27    Records regarding recommendations.

58-33A-28    Multi-state plan sale or solicitation of health insurance outside of exchange prohibited.