58-38-1    Incorporators, number required--Purpose of incorporation.

58-38-2    "Physicians and surgeons" defined.

58-38-3    Articles of incorporation and amendments--Approval by director--Filing with secretary of state.

58-38-4    Members and directors.

58-38-5    Board of directors--Minimum number--Qualifications--Selection--Term of office.

58-38-6    License to issue contracts required--Violation as misdemeanor.

58-38-7    Application for license--Form and contents--Documents accompanying.

58-38-8    Issuance of license--Matters considered by director.

58-38-9    Contracts with subscribers.

58-38-10    Rates charged for services--Approval by director.

58-38-11    Contracts with subscribers--Required provisions.

58-38-11.1    Coverage for inpatient treatment of alcoholism to be offered in contracts.

58-38-11.2    Benefits provided under alcoholism coverage--Maximum treatment periods permitted.

58-38-11.3    Plans not within alcoholism coverage requirement.

58-38-11.4    Individual accident or health policy required for covered spouse of insured--Eligibility--Coverage--Waiting periods.

58-38-11.5    Conversion privileges of insured's spouse upon divorce.

58-38-11.6    Coordination, integration, or lessening of benefits restricted.

58-38-11.7    58-38-11.7 to 58-38-11.9. Repealed by SL 2001, ch 274, §§ 4 to 6

58-38-11.10    Exclusion of benefits for injury while under the influence of alcohol or drugs prohibited--Exception for sickness or injury caused in commission of felony.

58-38-12    Care provided by noncontracting physicians--Contracting physician unavailable.

58-38-13    Practice of medicine not authorized by chapter.

58-38-14    Expenses of acquisition and administration--Control by director.

58-38-15    Permitted investments.

58-38-16    Foreign corporation--Transaction of business in state.

58-38-17    Annual statement of financial condition--Filing--Verification--Form and contents.

58-38-18    Investigation and examination by director--Cost borne by corporation.

58-38-19    Exemption from other insurance laws--Exceptions.

58-38-20    Citation of chapter.

58-38-21    Notice required by medical and surgical plan corporation for rate increase.

58-38-22    Grandfathered service and indemnity-type contracts required to cover low-dose mammography--Extent of coverage.

58-38-22.1    Service and indemnity-type contracts required to cover occult breast cancer screening.

58-38-23    Coverage for phenylketonuria.

58-38-24    Hospital service plan authorized.

58-38-25    Formation of voluntary health insurance purchasing organizations.

58-38-26    Membership of voluntary health insurance purchasing organizations.

58-38-27    Purchasing organization's responsibility for negotiating terms and conditions.

58-38-28    Purchasing organization's notice of premium charge.

58-38-29    Additional chapters applicable to purchasing organization.

58-38-30    Approval of purchasing organization by Division of Insurance.

58-38-31    Premiums held in trust by purchasing organization.

58-38-32    Rates for group health insurance issued to purchasing organizations.

58-38-33    Reasonable participation requirements for group members of purchasing organizations.

58-38-34    Purchasing organizations exempt from antitrust provisions.

58-38-35    Promulgation of rules for purchasing organizations.

58-38-36    Minimum loss ratio for small employer health benefit plans.

58-38-37    Minimum inpatient care coverage following delivery.

58-38-38    Shorter hospital stay permitted--Follow-up visit within forty-eight hours required.

58-38-39    Notice to subscribers--Disclosures.

58-38-40    Health insurance policies to provide coverage for biologically-based mental illnesses.

58-38-41    Application--Exemptions.

58-38-42    Policies to provide coverage for diabetes supplies, equipment and education--Exceptions--Conditions and limitations.

58-38-43    Diabetes coverage not required of certain plans and policies.

58-38-44    Contracts to provide coverage for prostate cancer screening.