58-5A-101. Insurer records and data held by affiliate--Property of insurer.

All records and data of the insurer held by an affiliate are and remain the property of the insurer, are subject to control of the insurer, must be identifiable, and must be segregated or readily capable of segregation, at no additional cost to the insurer, from all other persons’ records and data. This includes all records and data that are otherwise the property of the insurer, in any form maintained, including claims and claim files, policyholder lists, application files, litigation files, premium records, rate books, underwriting manuals, personnel records, and financial records or similar records within the possession, custody, or control of the affiliate. At the request of the insurer, the affiliate must provide the receiver a complete set of all records of any type that pertain to the insurer’s business, obtain access to the operating systems on which the data is maintained, obtain the software that runs those systems either through assumption of licensing agreements or otherwise, and restrict the use of the data by the affiliate if it is not operating the insurer’s business. The affiliate must provide a waiver of any landlord lien or other encumbrance to give the insurer access to all records and data in the event of the affiliate’s default under a lease or other agreement.

Source: SL 2024, ch 201, § 14.