58-5A-1    Definitions.

58-5A-2    "Domestic insurer" defined.

58-5A-3    Acquisition of control of or merger with domestic insurer--Information statement required--Approval by director required--Violation as misdemeanor.

58-5A-3.1    Divestiture of controlling interest in domestic insurer--Notice to director and insurer.

58-5A-4    Contents of information statement--Violation as misdemeanor.

58-5A-5    Information statement required of partners or members of syndicate or group--Violation as misdemeanor.

58-5A-6    Information required of corporations, officers, directors and certain owners of voting securities--Violation as misdemeanor.

58-5A-7    Amendment of information statement--Violation as misdemeanor.

58-5A-8    Federal or state registration statements utilized in furnishing information.

58-5A-9    Approval by director of acquisition or merger--Grounds for disapproval.

58-5A-9.1    Disapproval of dividends or distributions for violation--Order of supervision.

58-5A-10    Time of hearing--Notice.

58-5A-10.1    Request for public hearing on consolidated basis.

58-5A-11    Procedure at hearing--Evidence admissible.

58-5A-11.1    Cost of hearing officer--Retention of various experts at acquiring person's expense.

58-5A-12    Time for director's determination after hearing.

58-5A-13    Statements and notices mailed to shareholders--Expenses of mailing--Security required.

58-5A-14    58-5A-14. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 341, § 42

58-5A-15    Mergers and consolidations exempt from information and approval requirements.

58-5A-16    Acquisitions exempt from information and approval requirements by order of director.

58-5A-17    58-5A-17. Repealed by SL 1990, ch 158, § 19

58-5A-18    Acquisition, divestiture, or merger without approval as misdemeanor.

58-5A-19    Jurisdiction of court in Hughes County--Director as attorney for service of process.

58-5A-20    Registration of subsidiary insurer--Time for registration--Statement required of foreign insurer.

58-5A-21    Form and contents of registration statement.

58-5A-22    Initial and annual registration fees.

58-5A-23    Disclosure of immaterial information not required.

58-5A-24    Report of changes required of registered insurer.

58-5A-25    Termination of registration.

58-5A-26    Consolidated registration statement or report by affiliated insurers.

58-5A-27    Registration by insurer on behalf of affiliated insurer.

58-5A-28    Insurer exempt from registration requirements on order of director.

58-5A-29    Disclaimer of affiliation--Contents--Procedure on disallowance.

58-5A-29.1    Annual enterprise risk report.

58-5A-30    Failure to file registration statement or enterprise risk report--Penalty--Waiver.

58-5A-31    Registration requirements satisfied by duplicate copies of federal filings.

58-5A-32    Standards for material transactions by registered insurers with affiliates--Nonconformity.

58-5A-33    58-5A-33. Repealed by SL 1990, ch 158, § 26

58-5A-34    Adequacy of insurer's surplus--Factors considered.

58-5A-35    Notice to director of extraordinary distribution--Approval by director.

58-5A-36    Application for approval of extraordinary distribution--Contents.

58-5A-37    Examination of insurers and affiliates.

58-5A-38    Grounds for director's examination.

58-5A-38.1    Production of records, books, and other information.

58-5A-38.2    Examination of registered insurer's affiliates to obtain information.

58-5A-39    Personnel employed by department for conduct of examination.

58-5A-40    Insurer to pay expense of examination.

58-5A-41    Confidentiality of information in possession or control of Division--Use in regulatory or legal action--Grounds for publication by director.

58-5A-41.1    Testimony in private civil action concerning confidential information prohibited.

58-5A-41.2    Certain sharing of confidential information permitted.

58-5A-41.3    Agreements regarding sharing of confidential information.

58-5A-41.4    Information in possession or control of NAIC or third-party consultant confidential.

58-5A-41.5    Confidentiality not waived by disclosure of information.

58-5A-42    58-5A-42. Repealed by SL 1978, ch 359, § 3

58-5A-43    Acquisition of subsidiaries--Limitations.

58-5A-44    Disposition of investment in subsidiary upon cessation of control--Waiver.

58-5A-45    Pre-acquisition notification--"Person" defined.

58-5A-46    "Acquisition" and "Involved insurer" defined--Limited application.

58-5A-47    Application of §§ 58-5A-46 to 58-5A-53--Exceptions.

58-5A-48    Pre-acquisition notification--Contents--Waiting period.

58-5A-49    Action by director when acquisition lessens competition--Promulgation of rules establishing competitive standards.

58-5A-50    Acquisitions subject to order under § 58-5A-69.

58-5A-51    Plan for limiting anticompetitive impact of acquisition--Time limit.

58-5A-52    Fine, suspension, or revocation for violation of cease and desist order.

58-5A-53    Failure to comply with filing requirements--Fine.

58-5A-54    Report of dividends and distributions to shareholders--Time limit.

58-5A-55    Persons subject to registration to provide complete and accurate information to insurer.

58-5A-56    Notification to director of certain transactions required.

58-5A-57    Transactions entered into to avoid director's review prohibited.

58-5A-58    Considerations in decision to approve or disapprove transactions.

58-5A-59    Notification to director of certain investments into one corporation.

58-5A-60    Certain securities not to be voted at shareholder's meeting--Application for injunction.

58-5A-61    Petition to seize or sequester voting securities acquired in violation of chapter.

58-5A-62    Violations by officers subject to fine--Determining amount of fine.

58-5A-63    Transactions or contracts entered into without approval--Cease and desist order by director.

58-5A-64    Criminal proceedings for violation committed knowingly--Fine.

58-5A-65    False statements, reports, or filings as felony.

58-5A-66    Order for conservation, liquidation, or rehabilitation--Distribution and recovery--Liability.

58-5A-67    Suspension, revocation, or refusal to renew license for violation.

58-5A-68    Stay of director's action upon appeal to circuit court.

58-5A-69    Order by director upon violation of standards--Cease and desist--Denial of license.

58-5A-70    Promulgation of rules by director.

58-5A-71    Application of §§ 58-5A-60 and 58-5A-61.

58-5A-72    Ownership situs of voting securities.

58-5A-73    Additional investments by domestic insurer.

58-5A-74    Determining whether investments meet applicable requirements.

58-5A-75    Investments subject to chapter 58-27.

58-5A-76    Application to insurer not a member of same holding company.

58-5A-77    Dividends paid from earned surplus--Exclusions--Promulgation of rules for ordinary dividends.

58-5A-78    Director's participation in supervisory college to determine insurer compliance.

58-5A-79    Expenses of director's participation in supervisory college.

58-5A-80    Director's participation in supervisory college with other regulators.

58-5A-80.1    Internationally active insurance group--Supervision.

58-5A-80.2    International active insurance group--Group-wide supervisor determination.

58-5A-80.3    Internationally active insurance group--Group-wide supervisor acknowledgment.

58-5A-80.4    Group-wide supervisor--Information for determination.

58-5A-80.5    Group-wide supervisor--Director supervision--Permitted activities.

58-5A-80.6    Group-wide supervisor--Director cooperation.

58-5A-80.7    Information sharing.

58-5A-80.8    Promulgation of rules.

58-5A-80.9    Reasonable expenses.

58-5A-81    Maintenance of risk management framework.

58-5A-82    Regular conduct of ORSA.

58-5A-83    Submission of ORSA summary report or comparable reports to division.

58-5A-84    ORSA summary report requirements.

58-5A-85    Exemption from requirements.

58-5A-86    Requirements where insurer or insurer's group does not qualify for exemption.

58-5A-87    Insurer's application for waiver.

58-5A-88    One year period to comply with requirements following loss of qualification for exemption.

58-5A-89    Conditions under which director may require maintenance of risk management framework, conduct of ORSA, and filing of ORSA summary report.

58-5A-90    Confidentiality of information submitted to division.

58-5A-91    Powers and duties of director regarding ORSA.

58-5A-92    Sharing of information and documents by director--Confidentiality.

58-5A-93    Promulgation of rules regarding ORSA.

58-5A-94    Group capital calculation--Annual filing required--Promulgation of rules.

58-5A-95    Group capital calculation--Annual filing exemptions.

58-5A-96    Group capital calculation required.

58-5A-97    Liquidity stress test framework--Scope criteria--Promulgation of rules.

58-5A-98    Confidentiality of group capital calculation and liquidity stress test.

58-5A-99    Insurer disclosure of certain confidential information permitted--Response to false or inappropriate statements.

58-5A-100    Deposit or bond required for insurer in hazardous financial condition.

58-5A-101    Insurer records and data held by affiliate--Property of insurer.

58-5A-102    Premiums--Property of insurer.

58-5A-103    Affiliate of certain domestic insurers--Jurisdiction of insurer's appointees.