58-6-1    Certificate of authority required for transaction of insurance business--Exceptions--Violation as misdemeanor.

58-6-2    Solicitation of insurance or transacting business in another state by insurer in this state without certificate of authority prohibited--Misdemeanor.

58-6-3    Preemption of field of insurance regulation by state--Licensing by political subdivisions prohibited.

58-6-4    Activities excepted from certificate of authority requirements.

58-6-5    Foreign insurer--Investments in state without a certificate of authority.

58-6-6    Eligibility of insurer for certificate of authority.

58-6-7    Eligibility of insurer for certificate of authority--Necessity for maintenance of required reserves.

58-6-8    Denial of authority to engage in business when contrary to public interest--Denial when managed by unqualified personnel--Affiliates.

58-6-9    Continuance of authorization of prior authorized mutual and stock insurers--Participating policyholders--Quorum--Proxies--Issuance of nonvoting participating policies.

58-6-10    Governmentally owned insurers prohibited--Exceptions.

58-6-11    Readmission to state as an authorized insurer--Requirements--Payment of back premium taxes.

58-6-12    Unauthorized insurers--Application of insurer violating insurance laws for authority to transact insurance in state--Payment of back premium taxes.

58-6-13    Foreign insurance companies--Compliance with requirements for admissions to do business in state--Waiver.

58-6-14    Use of deceptively similar name prohibited.

58-6-15    Use of deceptively similar name by life insurer prohibited for ten years.

58-6-16    Use of name deceptively similar to name of foreign insurer prohibited.

58-6-17    Name tending to deceive or mislead as to type of organization of insurer prohibited.

58-6-18    Prevention of confusing similarity of names by director.

58-6-19    Combination of insuring power of one insurer--Exception.

58-6-20    Life insurer--Kinds of business authorized, exception.

58-6-21    Reciprocal insurer--Transaction of life or title insurance prohibited.

58-6-22    Title insurer--Transaction of other insurance prohibited.

58-6-23    Paid-in capital and surplus requirements for certificate of authority.

58-6-24    Determination of capital and surplus requirements for certificate of authority.

58-6-25    Additional types of insurance--Request for authority to transact within three years after issuance of initial certificate--Basic surplus or additional surplus required.

58-6-26    Surplus to qualify to transact one or more kinds of insurance by domestic mutual and reciprocal insurers--Laws governing.

58-6-27    Continuation of authority of insurer holding prior certificate--Maintenance of capital stock or surplus requirements.

58-6-28    Additional kinds of insurance authorized for insurer holding prior certificate--Capital and surplus requirements.

58-6-29    Annuities--Granting by life insurer without additional capital or surplus.

58-6-30    Health insurer issuing insurance against congenital defects without additional capital or surplus.

58-6-31    Casualty insurer transacting health insurance without additional capital or surplus.

58-6-32    Property insurer including additional kinds of insurance without additional capital or surplus.

58-6-33    Deposit by all insurers--Exceptions.

58-6-34    Deposits through director--Purpose--Amounts required--Deposits in other states in lieu of deposit with director.

58-6-35    Deposits of foreign or alien insurers in another state--Quality of cash or securities.

58-6-36    Deposit of title insurer--Amount required.

58-6-37    Deposit of title insurer as guaranty fund--Purpose.

58-6-38    Application for initial certificate of authority--Documents accompanying.

58-6-39    Service of process through director.

58-6-40    Time for approval or disapproval of original certificate--Extension--Failure to disapprove deemed approval.

58-6-41    Kinds of insurance specified in certificate--Limitations within class.

58-6-42    Annual reissuance of certificate not required--Annual renewal fee--Expiration of certificate.

58-6-43    Foreign insurer exempt from foreign corporation laws.

58-6-44    Refusal to renew or suspension or revocation of certificate, grounds.

58-6-45    Hearing required on refusal to issue, suspension or revocation of certificate.

58-6-46    Grounds for refusal to renew, suspension, or revocation of certificate.

58-6-47    Suspension or revocation of certificate after hearing, grounds.

58-6-48    Suspension of certificate on commencement of delinquency proceedings.

58-6-49    Order of suspension, revocation, or refusal to renew certificate--Replacement of policies.

58-6-50    Notice to insurance producers of suspension, revocation, or refusal to renew certificate--Insurance Producers' authority.

58-6-51    Publication of notice of suspension, revocation, or refusal to renew certificate of authority.

58-6-52    Duration of suspension of certificate of authority--Rescission or shortening.

58-6-53    Rights and obligations of insurer during suspension.

58-6-54    Reinstatement of certificate of authority which has not terminated where cause for suspension no longer exists.

58-6-55    Reinstatement of authority of insurance producers--Notice to insurer and insurance producers.

58-6-56    Suspension, revocation, or refusal to renew certificate because of deficiency of assets or impairment of capital or surplus--Cessation of business in state.

58-6-57    Failure to notify or continuation of business after notice as felony.

58-6-58    Impairment of assets, capital, or surplus--Suspension, revocation, or refusal to renew certificate of authority--Rehabilitator or receiver of insurer not required to notify agents.

58-6-59    Liability of officers and directors of impaired insurers.

58-6-60    Notice to insurer and insurance producers of refusal, suspension, or revocation of certificate.

58-6-61    Suspension or revocation of authority of insurance producers--Notice by director.

58-6-62    58-6-62 to 58-6-64. Repealed by SL 2007, ch 285, §§ 1 to 3.

58-6-65    58-6-65, 58-6-66. Repealed by SL 2010, ch 241, §§ 4, 5.

58-6-67    Contract not invalidated by violation of countersignature requirements.

58-6-68    Insurers subject to taxation--Filing of returns and reports--Exemption of qualified pension, annuity, or profit-sharing plans.

58-6-69    Report and payment of tax by surplus line brokers.

58-6-70    Retaliatory tax provisions--Exception.

58-6-71    Exemption from retaliatory tax provisions.

58-6-72    Domicile of alien insurer for retaliatory tax purposes.

58-6-73    Domicile of Canadian insurer for retaliatory tax purposes.

58-6-74    Dissolution or retirement of insurer during year--Filing of reports and collection of taxes not defeated.

58-6-75    Annual and quarterly statement of financial condition of insurer--Filing with director--Form and contents--Timeliness of filing.

58-6-76    Summary of statement of financial condition of insurer--Publication by director.

58-6-77    Time for publication of summary statement by director--Publication in judicial circuits.

58-6-78    Director to supply summary statement to each legal newspaper published in each judicial circuit--Recognition of legal newspaper.

58-6-79    Publication requirements do not apply to fraternal or benevolent life association transactions nor to mutual insurance companies or associations.

58-6-80    Confidentiality of analysis ratios and examination synopses--Participation in regulatory information system.