58-6A-1    Definition of terms.

58-6A-2    Charter and license of risk retention group--Approval of plan of operation or feasibility study--Revision of plan or study--Notice to National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

58-6A-3    Information submitted to director.

58-6A-3.1    Majority of risk retention group directors to be independent--Board determinations as to material relationship.

58-6A-3.2    Criteria of material relationship.

58-6A-3.3    Material service provider contracts.

58-6A-3.4    Notice to director of intent to enter into service provider contract meeting criteria of material relationship.

58-6A-3.5    Written policy in plan of operation.

58-6A-3.6    Members of audit committee.

58-6A-3.7    Purpose of audit committee.

58-6A-3.8    Waiver of audit committee requirement.

58-6A-3.9    Governance standards.

58-6A-3.10    Code of business conduct and ethics.

58-6A-3.11    Notice to director of noncompliance with standards.

58-6A-3.12    Application of §§ 58-6A-1 to 58-6A-3.11.

58-6A-4    Financial information submitted to director.

58-6A-5    Taxation of premiums--Payment by insurance producers or brokers--Payment by risk retention group--Report of premiums.

58-6A-5.1    Rate of taxation on premiums--Interest, fines and penalties--Payment.

58-6A-6    Compliance with Unfair Trade Practices Act.

58-6A-7    Compliance with laws regarding deceptive, false, or fraudulent acts or practices--Injunction.

58-6A-8    Examination by director.

58-6A-9    Notice contained on policy--Contents.

58-6A-10    Prohibited acts by risk retention group.

58-6A-11    Insurance company as member or owner.

58-6A-12    Compliance with voluntary dissolution or delinquency order by group not chartered if financially impaired.

58-6A-13    Financial contribution to or benefit from insurance insolvency guaranty fund prohibited.

58-6A-14    Countersignature on policy not required.

58-6A-15    Prohibited insurance coverage.

58-6A-16    58-6A-16. Repealed by SL 1988, ch 392, § 3

58-6A-16.1    Exemptions for purchasing group and insurer in regard to liability insurance--Subject to other laws.

58-6A-17    Notice to director--Contents.

58-6A-17.1    Notice to director of changes.

58-6A-17.2    Information required by director--Time for giving notice and information.

58-6A-18    Designation of director as agent for purchasing group--Exceptions.

58-6A-19    58-6A-19. Repealed by SL 1988, ch 392, § 8

58-6A-19.1    Purchase from risk retention group not chartered or insurer not admitted in state prohibited--Exception.

58-6A-19.2    Notice of unprotected risk when liability insurance obtained from insurer not admitted in this state or risk retention group.

58-6A-19.3    Purchase of insurance providing for deductible or self-induced retention applicable to whole group prohibited--Application to individuals allowed--Aggregate limits standards.

58-6A-19.4    Insurance producer or broker license required for purchasing liability insurance from risk retention group.

58-6A-19.5    Insurance producer or broker license required to solicit liability insurance for purchasing group from insurer or risk retention group.

58-6A-19.6    Insurance producer or broker license required to solicit liability insurance for member of purchasing group.

58-6A-19.7    Surplus lines producer or excess line producer license required to solicit liability insurance from unauthorized insurer for purchasing group.

58-6A-20    Director's use of enforcement powers--Injunctive authority.

58-6A-21    Penalty for violation.

58-6A-22    Broker license--Waiver of residency requirements.

58-6A-23    Enforcement of injunction against risk retention group in hazardous financial condition.

58-6A-24    Promulgation of rules.