59-11-1    Short title.

59-11-2    Definition of terms.

59-11-3    Filing fees.

59-11-4    Copying and certification fees.

59-11-5    Addresses in filings.

59-11-6    Appointment of registered agent.

59-11-7    Listing of commercial registered agent.

59-11-8    Index of commercial registered agent listing statements.

59-11-9    Termination of listing of commercial registered agent.

59-11-10    Service of process until new registered agent is appointed.

59-11-11    Change of registered agent by entity.

59-11-12    Change of name or address by noncommercial registered agent.

59-11-13    Change of name, address, or type of organization by commercial registered agent.

59-11-14    Cancellation of listing for failure to file statement of change of address.

59-11-15    Resignation of registered agent.

59-11-16    Service of process on entities.

59-11-17    Alternative service of process.

59-11-18    Forms of service.

59-11-19    Perfection of service.

59-11-20    Duties of registered agent.

59-11-21    Jurisdiction and venue.

59-11-22    Consistency of application.

59-11-23    Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act.

59-11-24    Annual report.

59-11-24.1    Annual report--Voluntary disclosure of beneficial interests.

59-11-24.2    Annual report--Definitions.

59-11-25    Time for filing annual report.

59-11-26    Correction of annual report.

59-11-27    Civil penalty for false documents.

59-11-28    Submission by electronic means.