59-12-1    Definitions.

59-12-2    Applicability.

59-12-3    Durable power of attorney.

59-12-4    Execution of power of attorney.

59-12-5    Validity of power of attorney.

59-12-6    Meaning and effect of power of attorney.

59-12-7    Nomination of conservator or guardian--Relation of agent to court-appointed fiduciary.

59-12-8    When power of attorney is effective.

59-12-9    Termination of power of attorney or agent's authority.

59-12-10    Coagents and successor agents.

59-12-11    Reimbursement and compensation of agent.

59-12-12    Agent's acceptance.

59-12-13    Agent's duties.

59-12-14    Exoneration of agent.

59-12-15    Judicial relief.

59-12-16    Agent's liability.

59-12-17    Agent's resignation--Notice.

59-12-18    Acceptance of and reliance upon acknowledged power of attorney.

59-12-19    Liability for refusal to accept acknowledged power of attorney.

59-12-20    Principles of law and equity.

59-12-21    Laws applicable to financial institutions and entities.

59-12-22    Remedies under other law.

59-12-23    Authority that requires specific grant--Grant of general authority.

59-12-24    Incorporation of authority.

59-12-25    Construction of authority generally.

59-12-26    Real property.

59-12-27    Tangible personal property.

59-12-28    Stocks and bonds.

59-12-29    Commodities and options.

59-12-30    Banks and other financial institutions.

59-12-31    Operation of entity or business.

59-12-32    Insurance and annuities.

59-12-33    Estates, trusts, and other beneficial interests.

59-12-34    Claims and litigation.

59-12-35    Personal and family maintenance.

59-12-36    Benefits from governmental programs or civil or military service.

59-12-37    Retirement plans.

59-12-38    Taxes.

59-12-39    Gifts.

59-12-40    Effect on existing powers of attorney.

59-12-41    Statutory form--Power of attorney.

59-12-42    Statutory form--Agent's certification.

59-12-43    Statutory form--Revocation.