6-1-1    Local officer's interest in public purchase or contract unlawful--Contract void.

6-1-2    Conditions under which contract with local officer permitted--Contract voidable if conditions not fully met.

6-1-2.1    Conditions under which competitive bid pursuant to chapter 5-18A from officer of governing body may be accepted.

6-1-3    Deposit of funds permitted despite bank connection of public officer.

6-1-4    Limitation of actions to recover amounts paid under unlawful contracts--Fraud or deceit.

6-1-5    Failure of local officer to make official report--Procurement of information at expense of political subdivision.

6-1-6    Expense of procuring information omitted from official report--Payment--Civil liability of officer and sureties.

6-1-7    Examination of county records at end of officer's term--Proceeding against delinquent officer.

6-1-8    Examination of records and proceedings against municipal, township, and school officers.

6-1-9    Officers to provide necessary blanks and records for office.

6-1-10    Publication of payroll information.

6-1-11    Form of certain public records--Duplicate--Computerization.

6-1-12    "Local government" defined.

6-1-13    Rent control of private residential property prohibited.

6-1-14    Limitation on delegation, transfer, or assignment of taxing authority.

6-1-15    Health and dental insurance.

6-1-16    Insurance for retiring employees.

6-1-17    Official prohibited from discussing or voting on issue if conflict of interest exists--Legal remedy.

6-1-18    Officer may consider relevant information from any source--Reliance on experience.

6-1-19    Formal rules of procedure and evidence not applicable to public hearing or meeting on proposed ordinance or resolution.

6-1-20    Formal rules of procedure and evidence not applicable to public hearing or meeting on quasi-judicial matter--Public disclosure of evidence.

6-1-21    Grounds for disqualification of officer in quasi-judicial proceeding.

6-1-22    Members of governing bodies displaced by natural disaster to continue term of office.

6-1-23    Fuel gas appliances--Ban prohibited--Exclusions.

6-1-24    Fuel gas service--Ban prohibited--Exclusions.