6-13-4. Sale of surplus property--Notice--Exceptions.

Any surplus property appraised pursuant to § 6-13-2 at two thousand five hundred dollars or less or any animal owned by a municipality for a zoo may be sold by the governing board at a private or public sale without notice. The governing board of the political subdivision shall give notice of the sale of all other surplus property by publishing a notice of the sale at least twice, with the first publication not less than ten days prior to the date of the sale. The first publication must be in the official newspapers of the political subdivision and the second publication may be in any legal newspaper of the state chosen by the governing board of the political subdivision. If the political subdivision has no official newspaper, the first publication must be made in a legal newspaper with general circulation in the area, to be selected by the governing board of the political subdivision. The notice shall describe the property to be sold and the time when bids will be opened. The governing board may open the bids or may designate an official and a witness to open all bids prior to the meeting of the governing board and shall state such in the notice of sale. Property to be transferred to another political subdivision pursuant to § 6-5-1 need not be advertised.

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