60-11-1    Manufacturing or mechanical occupations--Hours of labor.

60-11-2    Requiring employee to pay cost of medical examination prohibited--Misdemeanor--Employer and employee defined.

60-11-3    Minimum wage--Misdemeanor--Certain employees excluded.

60-11-3.1    Minimum wage for tipped employees--Tips credited toward minimum wage--Certain persons excluded.

60-11-3.2    Annual minimum wage adjustment.

60-11-3.3    Rejected by referendum.

60-11-4    Minimum wage--Agreement to work for less ineffective.

60-11-4.1    Opportunity wage allowed.

60-11-5    Exemptions from minimum wage provisions.

60-11-6    Repealed by SL 1978, ch 359, § 3.

60-11-7    Liability of employer for double damages for breach of obligation to pay wages.

60-11-8    Employers subject to wage payment requirements.

60-11-9    Monthly wage payments required--Agreed pay day--Form of payment.

60-11-10    Prompt payment of wages due on separation by employer--Withholding for return of employer's property.

60-11-11    Payment on regular pay day after resignation by employee--Withholding for return of employer's property.

60-11-12    Payment on regular pay day during labor dispute--Return of deposit for faithful performance.

60-11-13    Payment of conceded wages when amount in dispute--Acceptance not a release of balance.

60-11-14    Provisions applicable to cash wages only.

60-11-15    Employer's intentional refusal to pay wages--Misdemeanor.

60-11-16    Fraudulent claim by employee--Misdemeanor.

60-11-17    Department to investigate and prosecute violations--Hearings--Access to employer's records.

60-11-17.1    Reprisals because of wage complaints or proceedings prohibited.

60-11-18    Department may take assignment of employees' claims-- Prosecution--Joinder of actions.

60-11-19    Assignment of employees' claims in trust to department--Prosecution--Settlement and adjustment.

60-11-20    Promulgation of rules.

60-11-21    Reciprocal agreements with other states for enforcement of wage claims.

60-11-22    Maintenance of actions outside state by department--Assignment to other state for collection.

60-11-23    Actions in South Dakota on claims arising in other states--Reciprocation required.

60-11-24    Action removed by defendant--Plaintiff's costs and attorney fees.